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Cabbage Rolls / Polish Gołąbki - Easy to Follow, Step by Step Recipe

Jenny Can Cook photo 1 Cabbage Rolls / Polish Gołąbki... Jenny Can Cook photo 2 Cabbage Rolls / Polish Gołąbki... Jenny Can Cook photo 3 Cabbage Rolls / Polish Gołąbki... Jenny Can Cook photo 4 Cabbage Rolls / Polish Gołąbki...

MORE VIDEOS? I appreciate that so many people have asked for more videos but I have no immediate plans to make more, for several reasons.
• I’m supposed to be retired!
• I don’t have a staff - It’s just me.
• It was just a hobby and I wasn’t prepared for this many views.
• I can’t answer all the questions and then I feel bad for not helping.
• Now I feel bad for not making more!

Thank you for all the love and appreciation. I will try to find time to make more but it won’t be for a while. Many questions are answered in my website FAQs and I continue to post new recipes there. - always free/no ads. Love you guys!

by Jenny Can Cook 2 years ago

I'm watching this in 2020 amidst the Corona virus crisis🥵

by Vesakholu Mero 1 month ago

I think this lady is just about the nicest, sweetest person on YouTube.

by lydon65 3 months ago

"If ur not using ur coupons at bed and bath, keep them!".. such a sweet lady!

by RebelxBK 22 hours ago

The recipe looks delicious but I kept staring at Jenny and thinking I've seen her before who does she remind me of in that voice lol it's Jenny Jones oh my gosh I used to watch your show on TV all the time you look so well I'm glad to see you doing great

by barbara correa 1 day ago

I take care of a 91 year old Polish man and his wife. He's been wanting Gołabki for a while now. After watching your video today, I made your recipe, (the only one I found that wasn't smothered in tomatoes). I'd just like to say, I got two thumbs up from this finicky ol couple. Thank you very much for this recipe Jenny! You've helped me put a smile on their faces. Priceless!

by Florence Thompson 5 years ago

Trying new things to cook is a fun way to kill time when stuck at home due to social distancing.  I'm getting so bored, and this looks so fun.

by tuffguy doe 3 weeks ago

I just love how colourful her kitchen is!! Agreed!?😍

P.S: OMG thanks for 78 likes!! I never got this many likes. Laughing out loud(yes I have enough time in quarantine that I can type it in full) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

by Miss Sen 3 weeks ago

Im watching this in the coming 4th week amidst the Covid 19 2020 i am definately going to try this recipe.

by jae williams 1 week ago

Jenny Jones?????? Is this you or a look a like your voice is bringing back memories. My dude this is you . if so im so excited to here your voice.omg

by Jane Doe 1 week ago

I'm watching this video, and my mind keeps saying, "She looks so familiar". "She looks so familiar". And I'm thinking to myself, I've seen her some where before, but where? And then I scrolled up just a bit and discovered her name at the bottom! She is Jenny Jones the talk show host many years ago! :D I use to watch all of your shows Jenny! I never missed a show! if I did, I would get angry about it. lol!!! Wow! So, now you're cooking. I'm going to subscribe to your channel, because I was a fan of yours years ago, and because your recipes looks so good and easy to prepare. :D I really didn't take noticed of your name until after I scrolled up a bit. I was mesmerized in your cooking. :) God bless you. :D

by Learley Wells 1 month ago

I always start everything with onion and garlic too

by SAMANTHA HOPE SY 1 month ago

"You Bet Your Sweet Dupa" Love it and I make them to 👍

by FendergtrJam 2 months ago

My grandma used to make this. Aww I miss her so much. There was always a nice hot meal when we got home from school

by zameisie 2 months ago

Was waiting for her to cut it open... But my dreams died 😭

by DeeDee Norton 4 months ago

"You bet your sweet dupa!" I haven't heard that in 35 years! Thankyou Jenny!

by tripleyoker 4 days ago

You are Jenny Jones, a talk host from my youth! I know you are! Awww! I miss you! 😍

by Emily Malkin 2 months ago

I didn't realize this was Jenny Jones whom I grew up watching when she had her talk show. I really enjoy how you make the cooking instruction easy for us to understand. I plan to try this recipe soon.

by Shortyjored88 2 months ago

“Cabbage rolls and coffee- mm mm good!!” I got my son to say this every time he hears cabbage rolls.

by IStolf 1 month ago

She more entertaining to watch than Martha Stewart...my favorite part is at the end when she she says you bet your sweet dupa 😂😂 and I like her kitchen set up so homey

by sher V 6 hours ago

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