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DiResta Damascus Spatula Knife

#diresta #make a knife using Damascus steel #diresta knife #forging a knife out of Damascus steel #Howto & Style
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In this video I make a Knife out of Damascus steel, itโ€™s an idea I came up with several months ago while cooking. The idea was to make a knife out of Damascus steel that also operates as a spatula to facilitate picking up chopped vegetables and food, and scraping off the cutting board. For this knife project, I used a piece of Damascus steel that was created by The Barefoot Forge, and the knife scales I used were created by Peter Brown! You can see Peter's resin work at his channel Shop Time - Enjoy!
Peters channel!.
Bare Foot Forge!.
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jimmydiresta photo 1 DiResta Damascus Spatula Knife jimmydiresta photo 2 DiResta Damascus Spatula Knife jimmydiresta photo 3 DiResta Damascus Spatula Knife jimmydiresta photo 4 DiResta Damascus Spatula Knife

Honey, I'm hungry and tired, can you make dinner for me tonight?
Diresta : alright I'll be in the shop

by Mohamad Alrashed 1 day ago

โ€œI miss the old Diresta basement shop.โ€
โ€œI wish you still made things I can relate to.โ€
โ€œMust be nice to have sponsors.โ€
โ€œI wish Peter Brown would send me stuff.โ€
โ€œI wish Craig Cowan would send me stuff.โ€

There... now everybody can find something else to say.

by Jordan Bland 1 day ago

The speed at which Jimmy can make knives is largely dictated by how quickly his arm hair grows

by Jon S 17 hours ago

I thought "what the heck, isn't he going to heat treat before normalizing." I didn't realize you had the worlds most insane electric forge. Nice man.

by appv12 1 day ago

I think you missed a trick not calling it a Knitula ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Digital Gorilla 1 day ago

I always love how the YouTube community seems to come together, at least who really apply themselves to it, and especially when you see your favorite YouTubeโ€™s crossover, or reference other you tubers you like, I watch a lot of different maker videos and see them reference not only other makers but other genres, on top of makers I watch some gamers and niche genres like stevemreinfo and the other day an electronic maker referenced Steve I donโ€™t know why just tickles me

by Le'Jackal Creations 1 day ago

I love how you've continued to grow as a maker, both in skill and shop size and continue to bring us a long for the ride.
Same Jimmy style, but new and different techniques and projects. This reminds me of an oldschool DiResta ep, just a bit better!

I don't miss that dingy old basement shop one bit. It was cool, full of character, and gave us Spike... but it also had at least one rat mummy.
Good riddance!

Good for you Jimmy, this thing is gorgeous. Your knife game is steadily improving.

by danteelite 1 day ago

This is exactly what Iโ€™d want with me cooking on the Line. I sharpen the edges of my griddle spatulas so I can cut with them.

by Dan B 1 day ago

I didnโ€™t realize I needed one until now. Like right now. Send it over. Lol

by dylan w 1 day ago

When you said the razor blade is now available, I instantly paused the video and bought one

by Aash Martin 21 hours ago

Just came over from Peter Brown! He is quite right to praise you the way he did! You have a new subscriber! You are amazing โฃ๏ธ

by ListenerMustard 1 day ago

I was thinking more about cake, but onions will do to.

by NUkekz 1 day ago

U know when Jimmy is making a knife his arm hair is grown back

by Tim Box 23 hours ago

The DiResta chop 'n' flip, Damascus edition.

by Chewie316 1 day ago

totally unrelated but I wish that you never get hurt making, it's a marathon not a sprint, never neglect safety ! happy making.

by Rakshas 1 day ago

The SPCB (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Burritos) has certified that there were no burritos harmed in the making of this video. ๐Ÿ˜”

by Slotmech 1 day ago

Damascus steel has real beauty to it, it's just gorgeous.

by Not Dave 22 hours ago

You're a brave man, peening the pins into micarta, and leaving the seeds in your peppers! Will the damascus scraps end up as ice picks?

by Bryson Alden 1 day ago

I'll admit I didn't understand the point of having an offset knife. Then I saw the very end of the video and knew that I NEED ONE.

by Sharona Maynard 1 day ago

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