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I was blackmailed

I can't believe you posted this video. I want to let you know that I will be pursuing legal action against you. How dare you infringe upon my right to blackmail in private? You absolute buffoon. You don't even know the type of people I run with. I know men who will dispose of you in manners I can't even describe. You better watch your back, because I've already filmed it and sold it on the black market.
Burn in heck,
Jellia Certulozza

Joana Ceddia photo 1 I was blackmailed Joana Ceddia photo 2 I was blackmailed Joana Ceddia photo 3 I was blackmailed Joana Ceddia photo 4 I was blackmailed

I’m starting to think she wasn’t actually talking about seaworld.

by Johnny 2 weeks ago

brunette joana was savage
blonde joana was SAVAGE
but bald joana is S A V A G E

by liza 1 week ago

Y’all need to leave our quail mother alone. Disliking sea world doesn’t make someone asexual,just as liking sea world and many other tourist attractions does not make someone promiscuous

by Alisha Reed 1 week ago

Is no one going to talk about how she was twining with her comforter.....

by Elliott Clark 4 days ago

My mom. who's 70, got the exact same email twice and my dad is trying to sue

by Sam Stein 1 week ago

If this isn't the biggest uno reverse card of the century then I don't know what is

by 「 r o s e 」 1 week ago

Hey just as an informative piece because apparently there's some beef in the comments:
Not wanting sex does not mean you (or Joana, in this case) are asexual BUT it's a common feeling within the asexual community as it ties in with what our sexuality is: the lack of sexual attraction. Now this does not mean the term asexual is cookie-cutter. There's demi-sexual, grey-sexual, etc that are considered under the umbrella term asexual, but asexual is also a term all by itself. Asexual people can also want to have sex, believe it or not! Some are sex repulsed and never want to have it. Some are sex neutral and may have it if their partner does and they communicate on what they want to do in their relationship. Some actively enjoy sex but simply don't find people sexually appealing! Some may just prefer to do anything of the sort solo. Please don't harass people in the comments because they relate with not wanting to have sex regardless of their sexual orientation, because that's rude. Also don't assume you may know someone else's orientation because only they get a say in that!

by Mayson 1 week ago

Dear Joanna,

The simply nailogical fanbase was send by our nail mother, Christine, and her tea carrier, Ben, to invite you to a collab with them. They like your videos and want to meet you and as a fan of both, you and Christine, WE WANT TO SEE YOU TOGETHEEERRRRRR!!!

Sincerely yours,

by viki urucheva 3 days ago

Simplynaillogical wants john cena on her show...

by Xondra Luna 3 days ago

she is afraid of seaworld but she gave birth to baby quails

by yeo yeo 1 week ago

Brunette, blonde and bald Joana have different energies

by HeyItsSophieB 2 weeks ago

“How blue is pink?”

Joana Ceddia 2020.

by Adit Mital 2 days ago

A message for Joanabanana Cedarwood from SimplyNailogical: Joana, Christine has recently expressed interest in collapsing. Seeing the current circumstance, possibly on her podcast virtually rather than in person or in person in the future. She has been trying to get in contact with you recently and has asked us to try and contact you through different mediums. Thank you. (please keep in mind I am just a messenger if you need proof of this request, her recent podcast says it all at Timestamp )

by Diana Martinez Lee 2 days ago

My former manager took 3 days off because she received an email like this and was so scared, I was like GIRL IT'S A SCAMMMMMM

by Adrian Celeste 1 week ago

Im afraid that Joana really got blackmailed cause shes gone for almost 2 weeks

by Levi Jones 1 day ago

That 1.7k dislikes are all of the fake accounts Kelly made

by Levi Jones 1 day ago

Blackmailer: I’m about to ruin this mans career

John Cena: uno reverse card

by Super Mochii 1 week ago

I've come to deliver the message from the Holo queen, the mom of YouTube, Cristine. Can we pls pls pls have a Joana and Simply nailogical collab, it would be the most epic crossover in Canadian history.

by Angel Lai 2 days ago

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