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Joyner Lucas - Bank Account (Remix)

Joyner Lucas photo 1 Joyner Lucas - Bank Account... Joyner Lucas photo 2 Joyner Lucas - Bank Account... Joyner Lucas photo 3 Joyner Lucas - Bank Account... Joyner Lucas photo 4 Joyner Lucas - Bank Account...

This isnโ€™t bank account. This is a bank heist

by unkn0wn4041 10 months ago

Judge: you'll be facing 50 years
6ix9ine: Joyner Lucas killed 21 savage beat

by Jaheim Jackson 5 months ago

The saddest part about all these remixes is that I can't play it on Spotify

by AidenKZ 1 month ago

"I was raised in the sewer, me and the IT clown are friends."
this dude's a lyrical genius.

by Nora Meeks 5 months ago

Mumble rap: exists

Joyner: itโ€™s free real estate

by Ben Carroll 5 months ago

If Joyner Lucas makes a remix of your song, it's not your song anymore

by Nav S. 8 months ago

Oxygen: You need me
Joyner Lucas: Nah Iโ€™m good

by Flow Ritz 6 months ago

Joyner Lucas: I fixed your song

21 Savage: thanks can have it back

Joyner Lucas: no

by thickishrose 5 months ago


Joyner: Hippity hoppity this beat is my property

by MyNameBob 2 months ago


by BLAQK ! 2 years ago

How tf does Joyner make all his remixes better than the original songs?

by Charlie Forrest 5 months ago

Joyner gets millions of views, but he's still underrated for the quality of content he produces

by Atharva Joshi 6 days ago

When joyner remixes a song it makes the original look like a parody

by Ian Nieuwendaal 6 months ago

"When I die I'm going out as an underdog who never lost hope" - Joyner Lucas, The unsung hero of the rap world.

by Slim Shady 4 months ago

dude raps faster than my internet connection

by pink collar 2 years ago

Lucas copied 21 Savageโ€™s homework and got higher mark lol

by uhaalag mogii 2 weeks ago

thois song as so hsit

by Viper 2 weeks ago

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