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Joyner Lucas - I'm Sorry (508)-507-2209

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This song really hits different when you’re the one that wants to die

by Brandon 5 months ago

Ironic, I’m a suicidal person telling other people suicide isn’t the answer.

by qaz 3 weeks ago

“I ain’t wanna die like this, I ain’t picture my life like this” - Hits hard, when I was young I was so free and had such dreams :(

by Lewis Greenway 3 days ago

If you're still on here in 2020. You'll get through this too. You're stronger than you think😔❤️.

by Da Niela 2 weeks ago

I’ve tried to OD twice failed and was a taken to a hospital, and tried crashing my car in the rain and failed because my car stopped before I went off the bridge I was driving off. I found I was having my daughter and all life stopped and I felt so bad for ever trying. I love my daughter & im in such a good spot in life right now. I’m a medic in the Army & whenever it comes to other suicidal people it hits deep and makes me help them so much more. Life is good it may suck sometimes but man, there is so many good times that feel amazing.

by Perish Films 2 weeks ago

“I need extra love and even that ain’t enough”
I felt that.

by Elaina Spencer 8 months ago

I thought I could come back to this song a few years later and see how much I changed but I guess not

by Blaine Stodder 1 month ago

I want to die my depression is killing me slowly, but my anxiety makes me overthink and it makes me think how it would make all my loved ones feel. Edit: I’m trying my hardest to get better and I’m seeing a slow improvement in my self this is going to take time, thank you everyone for the nice messages hope every single one of you that is going through something may you find peace in yourself❤️

by ThomasGaming 1 month ago

“I can’t stay I’m sorry” that hits different when you’re the one that wants to die....shit

by Flynn 1 month ago

first thought of killing myself when i was 13, honestly the ideas popped up every single day since, im 22 now.
2 od's and im still here. i know im still here for a reason. i cant even feel myself as i type this. as broken as we are, weather we know it or not there's people out there that love you. i hope everyone that reads this is doing fine.
i used to listen to this song everyday in my first year of college.
a friend i grew up with hung himself 2 months ago, and here i am once again. with this song on repeat.
looking at things from both perspectives.
i hope make it past 30.

by mayank 2 weeks ago

Joyner helped this 45 year old Army Vet out of depression with "I'm Sorry". My little cousin liked motorcycles and dumb women. We were very close. He hit the back of a flatbed, at high speed, on a crotch rocket while pissed at his baby's momma. I hadn't had anyone close to me die since 1994. I wasn't ready for it. I was mad at him. This happened 18 months before Joyner dropped this gem. I was already a fan of Joyner so when it dropped, I clicked it, and cried for 3 days and forgave my cousin. Thanks Joyner. <3

by Runtberg 2 weeks ago

I wish I wasn’t scared and wish I didn’t care about hurting everyone that loves me. I wish I could spread my wings and fly.... this shit is real.

by Josie Havens 3 weeks ago

I'm just tired of this I swear the only thing holding me on is my family

by Kayson Mcnulty 1 month ago

A kid at my school killed himself, and we weren’t great friends but I still knew him, musics my escape from the world so when I found out the first thing I did was put In headphones press shuffle on my playlist and Th is was the first song to play, thank you Joyner for helping me.

by Chef Coolbeans 1 month ago

No mumbling rap,no naked girls, no trash , just pure talent, deep feelings and an amazing lyrical rapper... just Joyner...Gosh...

by •D' Ashen Søul• 1 year ago

My parents: "what you watching?"

Sees hanging man singing

Me: Inhales deeply

by Lil Emo 1 month ago

6/17/17 miss you everyday man just wish I'd picked up the phone when you called....

by JMitch14ESC 2 weeks ago

This song has stopped me from ending it so many times i owe my life to you

by Jonas Blanchard 1 month ago

I hate telling people not to cut and to live while I’m hear slitting and writing suicide notes

by Doo Doo 1 week ago

There is 2 reasons this song will really hit you..
1. You have a close friend or family member you lost.

2. You feel like you are the one who should be in that coffin.

by Thomas Hammond 3 months ago

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