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Joyner Lucas & Tory Lanez - Suge (Remix)

Joyner Lucas photo 1 Joyner Lucas & Tory Lanez... Joyner Lucas photo 2 Joyner Lucas & Tory Lanez... Joyner Lucas photo 3 Joyner Lucas & Tory Lanez... Joyner Lucas photo 4 Joyner Lucas & Tory Lanez...

I thought you needed oxygen to make fire

by Adolf Hitler 7 months ago

Joyner sound like he just woke up and Tory sound like he just smoked 50 cigarettes and I love it

by GAVIN KELLEY 3 months ago

This is the song that turns DaBaby into DaMan

by Whisk3y 3 months ago

This is the hardest Tory has ever went

by Jay W. 3 months ago

I was playing this music at full volume and got pulled over by the cops. He came to my window and told me...

them boys spitting

by Jcool Montana 2 months ago

Joyner and Tory collaborated to drop a diss track against oxygen.

by William Mbongolwane 8 months ago

Joyner: โ€œlet me body this track.โ€ Tory: โ€œdamn you killed that beat, but have you heard of necrophilia? Let me show you.โ€

by Perkss 2 months ago

Who verse was better
Like (Joyner)
Comment (Tory)

by Michael Eddy 4 months ago

I never heard a Rapper like Tory, he can switch up his voice so many times in one song thats impressiv

by Rappi1990 3 months ago

- Ends beef with Logic, makes a fire track with him.
- Ends beef with Tory Lanez, makes a fire track with him.


by KR 8 months ago

Whoโ€™d have thought Tory can hold his own on a beat with THE Joyner Lucas. Not bad at all.

by Sonny Cole 3 months ago

Just showed this to DaBaby and he turned into Dabortion

by Matt Richburg 1 week ago

When oxygen shoots a diss track called โ€œCovid-19โ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

by UchihaGod66 4 weeks ago

Dear Oxygen

Welcome to your diss track

-Joyner Lucas and Tory Lanez

by Too Short 3 months ago

When Joyner does a remix it sounds like the original was a parody

by Durham 8 months ago

I think Joyner rapped better but Toryโ€™s verse is more entertaining

by Private 2 months ago

Joyner : can I borrow your homework

Dababy: Sure, just make it better so they don't know

by Fola Williams 1 month ago

Man I don't know who TF this rapper named Oxygen is, but they murked his ass dog. I wonder if he'll respond ๐Ÿค” it's been a few months.

by Todd Sogaking 3 months ago

Beat: exists

Joyner: I'm about to end this Mans whole career

by Bomex Gaming 3 months ago

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