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Joyner Lucas - Will (ADHD)

Joyner Lucas photo 1 Joyner Lucas - Will (ADHD) Joyner Lucas photo 2 Joyner Lucas - Will (ADHD) Joyner Lucas photo 3 Joyner Lucas - Will (ADHD) Joyner Lucas photo 4 Joyner Lucas - Will (ADHD)

Just realised he didn’t swear in this song just like Will

by Keiron J 1 month ago

Rappers should start a "Joyner" challenge and make tribute tracks to their idols. I'd love to see that.

by SAMIAM 2 weeks ago

Other rappers: flexes expensive things

Joyner Lucas: flexes will Smith

Edit: it now says Joyner Lucas instead of this guy

by RCM MC 2 weeks ago

"Hommies my idol and dont even know it."
I think he knows it now.

by Alan Byrd 4 days ago

Can wait to see someone make a song like this for Joyner.

by Sky Bot 1 day ago

This song is for everyone who ever looked up to will.

by jon doe 1 week ago

Who else think he should have put Hancock in there

by Cariyone Dupree 5 days ago

He is one of the most talented rappers I've ever seen and listened to.

by leKoraxx 1 week ago

Director: so how many references do you want
Joyner Lucas: YES

by Water Sheep 3 days ago

In the generation of diss tracks, my man is writing a love letter.

by SNS Official 1 month ago

Anybody else watch will smith movie after this? Me: Bad boys 2

by Garrett Rutkowski 2 days ago

who else thought that Joyner should have but "AHH THATS HOT" from YouTube rewind 😂

by pendejo artist 2 days ago

This song makes me want to tell the coronavirus to put on a mask. And my music on my youtube channel is the vaccine. God bless everyone

by RyLuckyOfficial 1 day ago

Will smith sat at home like Aaahhhhh THATS HOTTTTT

by Vinny Tricker 1 month ago

Will Smith after watching this: “Now this is how you supposed to make a tribute song! From now on, that’s how you make a tribute song!”

by BennyWinZ 2 weeks ago

We need the “I’m feeling like will” challenge. He has subconsciously and consciously Influenced the lives of many millennials.

by Soinas Doyi 2 weeks ago

“Ain’t nothing worst than losing ya hero and couldn’t say bye
And we never know just when it’s our time
And legends are gone and we don’t know why
So before they go
Look here go a toast
So give em a rose
While they still alive”
Appreciate the people that you look up to while they still alive 💯💯

by Ballisterific 11 hours ago

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