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Joe Rogan Reacts to LA Shutdown, Latest Coronavirus News

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Anyone else find out with this virus that their normal daily life is considered quarantine?

by Dasha Raine 1 week ago

Sobering times like this make apparent who the real hero’s in our society truly are.
Not our celebrities , nor the athletes whom we worship.
It’s always been the hard working doctors, nurses, emergency personnel, truck drivers and all others whom keep the infrastructure of our society together.

by Nick M 1 week ago

Please bring Alex Jones on soon, the entertainment level will be beyond comprehension

by ESPSJ 1 week ago

Joe literally just had an expert on the show recently. Why is he acting like he doesn't know whats what?

by StewVader 1 week ago

Yes Italy has an old smoking population. The US has an obese population with high blood pressure... we have our own stack of problems here.

by B Hend 1 week ago

"The state of California orders you to stay in your homes, homeless people"

by Jack Klachian 1 week ago

“First shall be last as thee last shall be first” -j

by the dude 1 week ago

I'm surprised Joe's not with his family out in the mountains.

by Grant Nicholson 1 week ago

And just like that Epstein was just forgotten.

by Mondo Boyz 1 week ago

Anyone wake up after a good sleep then remember, damn,the pandemic.

by Ricky Roma 1 week ago

This is the perfect time to have Alex Jones on!

by Wade MacAulay 1 week ago

Dude. Politicians don't have a plan. There is no plan. We're all going to be different people when this is over... months... years from now.

by Royal'e Sol 1 week ago

Seriously, people suffering from asthma and all kinds of respiratory diseases are really to be taken care of, especially the elderly people.

by Adam Jamir 1 week ago

They also forgot all the small business getting screwed in all this mess.

by Michael Espinoza 1 week ago

I will tell you all this. As a trucker my rig aint stopped bringin anything through this. Supply chain warehouses are still loadin us out and were all still runnin the big road. Stay safe

*EDIT. Wow! When I commented this I truly never expected any receipt, I was just simply making a statement to let anyone who read it to know that truckers are here for the American People. All day. All night. 24-7365. Rain sleet snow or ice. Short of DOT shuttin a slab down most of us will run through anything and have. I am trying to go through the comments and thank each and everyone of you individually and like your comments. Yall sure made this ol rig jockey feel some kind of way. Yall stay safe. My brothers and I will
Keep our shiny sides up and our hammers down. Come on 10-4!

by Michael Temmen 1 week ago

Honestly. My life hasn't really changed. I've always been socially distant. I stay at my house a lot and i do postmates.... nothing has changed except I can't go to the gym!!! Hahaha

by Tessa Paloma 4 days ago

Why is there never an issue when it comes to creating BILLIONS $$$ for war, yet they can't come up with the money to help our citizens?

by Delina 1 week ago

How is LA's smog? Lot of lung damaged created there.

by Robert Taylor 6 days ago

We need to build a society that values people over profits.

by Richard Hulett 1 week ago

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