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Joe Rogan Reacts to Mike Tyson’s Return to Boxing

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People of the world: We need inspiration in a time of crisis.

Mike Tyson: Yeth

by Jose Amaya 3 days ago

This is like Kratos going back home to retrieve the blades.

by SilverZombie44 2 days ago

Tyson is hearing the ghost of Cus calling him.

by J. Santos 2 days ago

“I don’t care what anyone says, Mike Tyson is a pit bull that’s been trained to walk on two legs”

by Jax The Ripper 1 day ago

Tom looks like he’s too lazy to dress up for a western party but still wants to go

by Bobby E 2 days ago

Everyone: Boxing is a dying sport.
Tyson: Hold my dwink.

by David G 4 days ago

Most impressive and surprising thing for me is that Joe Rogan is in his 50s

by Jason Hunter 2 days ago

Boxing needs this. If him and Holyfield start knocking dudes out it’s gonna be big for the sport.

by Kevin B 1 day ago

I used to say everyone's a gansta till Vader shows up.

Correction: Tyson

by Rocky Severino 1 day ago

his portrayal as a god of war is clever and deliberate. Wish him well.

by woiour loin 2 days ago

Mike tyson looks like a real life black kratos comin back to slay dudes in half

by J Z 4 days ago

Joe Rogan: Mike Tyson for president. He's been consistent all his life: he's always been a boxer and he's always had a lisp. That's good enough for me.

by jack barton 2 days ago

I feel like with Mike Tyson and many other people int the world its almost like they are bestowed an ability, an energy, a power, and I feel like all of us have gifts in a way or another. But I feel like its deeper than that,. Looking at an individual on a universal level. Who are we, why hafve things happened a certain way in our lives. Are these things sort of our Destiny to learn or to change or whatever the case may be, to inspire. Yeah bruv. From hearing the way Mike Tyson talks about things I feel like he knows shit.

by Optimum Energy 1 day ago

Evander Holyfield: I heard Tyson is making a comeback.

Holyfeilds ear: I didn't hear a thing?!

by Set Apart 1 day ago

wasn’t tyson saying he didn’t want to be that violent guy again the last time he was on Rogan? sheesh

edit: at least joe actually remembers the conversation

by Mk. 5 1 day ago

Joes talking to a guy who doesn't give a crap about any of this.

by Average American 4 days ago

They need to make a whole line up of sports where literally everyone is on roids. Let super humans with enhancements play sports. That would be great.

by Bubba Kushii 1 day ago

Imagine Hollyfield comes back too and get ear biten for the third time by Mike.

by Ion CASU 1 day ago

Its probably because he sees how weak the heavyweights are. He has a proper chance against fury.

by Kun 1 day ago

Really wished my pops persued his boxing career he was so good and still is at the age of 51 but me and my siblings came along 🤣

by encitic 1 day ago

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