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Juice WRLD - Righteous (Official Video)

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Juice WRLD - Righteous: https://smarturl.it/RighteousLLJW
Directed, Shot, and Edited by Steve Cannon stevecannon_
Animation by: Tristan Zammit tristious, Bao ndibao, Geoffrey Maclean geoffreymaclean, Michael Sung miccool, Alex Sarzosa alexsarzosa1
Production Company: GradeA
Producer: Brandon “Bibby” Dickinson, George “G-Money” Dickinson and Peter Jideonwo
Animation Story written by Steve Cannon and Jacob Santiago.
Drone Operator by David Salako
Color Grade: Kenny Okagaki
Subscribe to the official Juice WRLD channel: http://bit.ly/Sub-to-JuiceWrld
Check out more Juice WRLD here, Website: Juicewrld999.com
Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/uiceheidd/sets...
Twitter - https://twitter.com/JuiceWorlddd
Insta - https://www.instagram.com/juicewrld999/
Text #999club - 713-999-6031
#Righteous #JuiceWRLD #LLJW #999

#JuiceWRLD #999 #long live juice wrld #righteous jw #juice wrld #lljw #juice righteous

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Let’s pray tik tok doesn’t find a way to ruin this song

by Karma 2 weeks ago

It’s so sad how drugs took over this dudes life and turned the whole world in sadness ps thx for the likes

by ØliverSZN 1 day ago

“i don’t want to make people happy i just want them to be happy.” -Juice WRLD

by OkaySir 20 hours ago

One thing that is extra hard to realize is that he is actually dead and he is not coming back... legends never dies...🥺

by Baby Yoda 1 day ago

Don’t mind me, just coming back for my daily listen.

by Regained WRLD 1 day ago

Juice WRLD. The young man who would hurt himself mentally in order for everyone else to be happy.
Rest In Peace Jared Anthony Higgins. Rest in peace. 🕊

by kirø II 2 weeks ago

Can't believe some people disliked this video. This one the best songs I've ever heard. I became a Juice Wrld fan quick after listening to a few of his songs. This youngster was full of talent!! Don't care what anyone thinks.

by DB Gaming 10 hours ago

We shouldn’t cry because he’s gone... we should be happy that he was here

999 4Ever

by IA Frosty 1 day ago

he ran away, so he didn't think he was coming back home
he also felt so EMPTY
cause he realized that ALL GIRLS ARE THE SAME
so he understood that it was the right time for him to HIDE.
His life seemed so BLACK AND WHITE
but he overcame the odds and got a good FEELING
so he found his home
but yet, he still AINT LIVING RIGHT
he seen the WRLD ON DRUGS still, and he wanted to speak out
on the addiction.
the drugs ended up being his downfall
he was CALLING and none of us heard
and now we remember him forever as one of our many LEGENDS
who died too early

by Yan Liu 1 day ago

Juices death really hurt me. For me he was really someone I could relate to and let his emotions take me away from my own. When he died I cried for so long. I just really want to thank him. He pulled me through some really rough times and I will forever be grateful.
💖RIP 💖💖💖999 💖💖💖

by Lizz L 1 day ago

My girlfriend committed suicide 3 years ago. Her and I were together for almost 7 years. She never once talked to me without telling me that she loved me more than anything. Every time we had an argument, she would hug me until I calmed down. We would go on drives most weekends out to empty spaces, we would park the car and lay on the hood and stare at the stars. Often times we would have long deep conversations for hours until we fell asleep holding each others hands tightly. We both always knew, we would never cheat, never leave. It would never be worth it, and we always saw the amazing person standing in front of us. When I couldn't stand to look at my own reflection, she complimented me on how many people would rather be me, than their own selves. She told me her deepest, darkest secrets, and was never scared to tell the truth, no matter how painful it might've been. We dated from middle school and high school, and even college. We spent years, on the bus, listening to music, looking in each others' eyes. Most days we took the bus home to my house, and spent the whole day playing card games. board games, and watching movies. We were more than lovers, we were best friends, we were family. I met her in a mental hospital after we both had attempted suicide. She has taught me so much. And even though she is not here today, I know that she wants me to stay alive, to keep pushing my limits, regardless of what others think. I wish I could've saved her. Been there for her more. Every time I listen to this song I am reminded of her, and her everlasting kindness, and good heart, no matter what she was feeling. She was truly selfless. So I say to you, scrolling through the comments, STAY SAFE, STAY HEALTHY, AND STAY ALIVE. YOU ARE LOVED.
Edit: wow, 1K likes in 4 hours?!!! Omg!
1000 subs with no vids?

by lil bogey 1 week ago

now tell me the reason why this song has 13k dislikes?

by Darkis 1 day ago

Everybody has to remember that just because Juice WRLD is dead doesn’t mean you are, always push yourself to be the best and don’t worry about death because he died young doesn’t mean you will. Juice made this song because he loves his audience and just because he is no longer with us doesn’t mean that he can’t see all his fans in his afterlife, and he still loves us because he left for us

by XtremeLava49 21 hours ago

R.I.P Juice we all loved u and we still will until we die.
like if u will

by Akgames 22 hours ago

How i feel that he’s gone is unexplainable. I get chills every time listening to him now, just to close your eyes and think to yourself that he’s really gone makes me think back to when i first heard lucid dreams and how real his music was, its just crazy how time flies

by eyeballed 2 weeks ago

I listen to this song and I have depression because I lost my aunt that was blind and could not walk and was diabetic I lost her 2019 February 9 and it is sad that no one will probably see this 😭😭😭

by RedEyedWolfTamer Ortiz 20 hours ago

God geez stop please no please tell me he isn’t dead man why did he have to do man 😔💔

by Unkeep ALT 1 day ago

I know this is supposed to be a remorse moment for everyone, don’t know if remorse right word, but I think this a dope music video and the animation is extremely cool brings a lot more happiness to me when I see this

by Jack Britton 1 day ago

When you realize that this video has more than 1M likes ...

how ? •~•

by Mohd Rash 22 hours ago

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