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Katy Perry - Daisies (Live From American Idol Finale, May 17 2020)

KatyPerryVEVO photo 1 Katy Perry - Daisies (Live... KatyPerryVEVO photo 2 Katy Perry - Daisies (Live... KatyPerryVEVO photo 3 Katy Perry - Daisies (Live... KatyPerryVEVO photo 4 Katy Perry - Daisies (Live...

Nobody can’t realize how great the american idol’s stage and their creative team

by Movie Crap 10 hours ago

She's just gold, even when pregnant she gives it her all. Honestly we don't deserve momma Katy 🍑

by Bij In Space 8 hours ago

This gave me so much anxiety when she was acting like she was gonna fall💀

by Safi 10 hours ago

Going to buy it just because she deserves it. This performance is legendary

by Chloe All 9 hours ago

She is trying so hard to keep us happy in quartine even while she's pregnant and in lockdown. She really loves her fans and we love her. KATY PERRY IS THE BEST 🌼💕💛

by Rose van der Vyver 9 hours ago

sis is giving us SO MUCH even in the middle of a pandemic where options are very limited, also she’s like 7-8 months pregnant. Do we deserve her!? no, we’re unworthy af. Everyone now say: thank you katy perry.

by Roxmy Jauregui 9 hours ago

People don't understand how strong she is!

by Samy Sam 8 hours ago

O mundo nunca vai derrubar essa mulher. Ela nasceu pra isso 😍

by Karol Lucena 5 hours ago

My heart skipped a bit every time the visuals showed her to be on the edge and that she pretended as if she's about to fall down.. Even though it wasn't real that scared the hell out of me 😨

by hridayee 29 10 hours ago

I was worried she wouldn’t be able to do that high note on “daisies” live. So glad I was wrong.

by J Perkins 7 hours ago

The video shows how her closed once wanted her to be something else (the books) but then Katy refuses, once the books dissapear things start to get more challenging, even the chair(which represents her closed once) becomes big, against her and leaves her, but she still made it

by Khalil Danoun 9 hours ago

She looks like Sabrina Spellman with that haircut, and I'm living for it.

by Daisy Gill 6 hours ago

Katy’s Singing ability improves steadily、She is my queen forever 🥰

by チャンネルDora 9 hours ago

Serving an high budget performance with perfect vocals while being 8 months pregnant and quarantined... who’s doing it like Katy Perry? Literally no one.
Why isn’t she on top of the charts yet? She truly deserves tbh, and the song is a bop.

by M98 VEVO 9 hours ago

She’s really serving us everything rn and is trying to do the best for us during this hard time and she’s not getting the attention she deserves for that...! While other artists like 69 are becoming a #1 🤦🏼‍♂️🤢

by Niclas_ Stng 6 hours ago

Lockdown plus pregnancy.... she still entertains us.......CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU KATY💖

by Tom Carlie 7 hours ago

This song sounds like: David Guetta - Don't leave me alone (feat. Anne Marie)

by Rhubby 51 minutes ago

She’s sticking to the American Idol contract. Part of it is singing one song at the finale. Probably just one camera in the room. Thank you Katy.

by richard gonzalez 5 hours ago

i love how she doesn't care about the chart anymore and more focus on delivering a song from her heart ♥

by saifsamsudin 8 hours ago

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