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Kourtney Calls Out Kim in Expletive-Filled Blowup | KUWTK | E!

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Things heat up between the "KUWTK" sisters when Kim Kardashian claims Kourtney is not as dedicated to work as she and Khloe are--but this time Kourt's not having it.
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Kourtney Calls Out Kim in Expletive-Filled Blowup | KUWTK | E!

#Scott Disick #Kardashians #Kardashian #Kim Kardashian #family #Kanye West #Khloe Kardashian #KUWTK #Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Keeping Up With The Kardashians photo 1 Kourtney Calls Out Kim in... Keeping Up With The Kardashians photo 2 Kourtney Calls Out Kim in... Keeping Up With The Kardashians photo 3 Kourtney Calls Out Kim in... Keeping Up With The Kardashians photo 4 Kourtney Calls Out Kim in...

Why isn’t Kim going at Kylie they way she is when it comes to kourtney, Kylie isn’t always on the show but SHES a billionaire lol

by loeyl 14 hours ago

kims face doesn't even move anymore. it looks like if she laughs the whole thing will explode

by Teresa 13 hours ago

Kim is deliberately being mean to Kourt. She said it the first time when talking to Kendall and Kourt ignored that comment and then she said it again this time making it sound so rude. She should get off Kourt's case not everyone is money thirsty.

by Kelvin Quartey 14 hours ago

Kendall saying “I’ll f***ing come at you right now” to Kim. Loool please do, you should never belittle mental health issues..

by Sam Pozac 14 hours ago

Kim’s always acting like she is the only one working, remmember when she wouldn’t even show up at Dash? Faking being sick and stuff? lol

by Samuel Luiz 14 hours ago

If Kourtney wants to stay at home and be a mom and raise her kids then let her be a mom tf is wrong with Kim

by Jack FelixnAtlas 12 hours ago

funny how she went from kendall to kourtney 😂

by risha rattan 15 hours ago

She comes for kourtney not expecting to get a response 🥴

by Bintou Kane 15 hours ago

"going no matter how sick we are" And that, kids, is how illnesses are spread around the world.

by Kemah B 14 hours ago

Why is everything a competition for Kim all the time? Like she wants to be best at Christmas parties, best work ethic, most interesting to look at etc. Chill - help each other grow 🙏🏼

by M 13 hours ago

when khloe said ooooo to kim not mentioning koutneys name

by JESSICA ASAMOAH 15 hours ago

Nah fam Courtney is the realist out of all them. She’s just chillin. She’s not tripping about anything or anyone. The rest of them need to chill.

by Gabby 6 hours ago

Kourtney looks pretty as hell in that confessional.
A TOTAL look. 🤩
She’s the only Kardashian that looks somewhat normal and naturally feminine now. Her and Kendall.

by Nina513 10 hours ago

Kourtney is right. Everybody should do what's best for them and that's fine.

by Anna Luisa Rossini 14 hours ago

It looks like Kim's having some issues, what's with her "bully" behavior lately, it's getting worse each season. Even Kendall wasn't having her bs.

by k a r m a 7 hours ago

Kourtney and scott have carried this show with their drama. She's done enough.

by Simply Teekay 15 hours ago

Kim makes EVERYTHING a competition and it gets annoying.

by Terry Whitney 11 hours ago

They have the hugest miscommunication problem it’s like Kourtney feels like her priorities are more important and Kim feels like her priorities are more important. If they actually just learned to respect each other’s boundaries they may get somewhere.

by Kris Jackson 14 hours ago

Kourtney and Kendall are right. Kourtney can do whatever she wants it's not Kim business

P. S:thanks for the like and that's how Keeping up with Natacha started

by Natasha Parente 14 hours ago

Kim thinks kourtney doesnt work as hard enough bc she doesnt have 6 + businesses to run and KOURTNEY to tell you the truth its okay!!! You dont have to be a lawyer,makeup artist, brand owner etc to feel complete

by Zuliana Herrera 14 hours ago

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