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Kevin James - YouTube Trailer

Kevin James photo 1 Kevin James - YouTube Trailer Kevin James photo 2 Kevin James - YouTube Trailer Kevin James photo 3 Kevin James - YouTube Trailer Kevin James photo 4 Kevin James - YouTube Trailer

It’s kinda cool to think that Kevin James might read this.

by Oskar Norborg 2 weeks ago

this trailer isn't for us. it's for the people sleeping on him.

by Brianna Valencia 2 weeks ago

We love you man. We just
didn't realize how much.

by Luis Mendonça 2 weeks ago

Ryan Gosling: "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!"

Kevin James: "To make people on Youtube laugh"

by Monguku 2 weeks ago

“Hey guys Kevin James here. Thank you all for 10 million subscribers”-Said by Kevin James in the later future.

by MDGamerHits 2 weeks ago

I am convinced that Kevin James deserves an award for this YouTube channel.

by Lord Motorsports 2 weeks ago

When he pulled the gun on Will, I felt my inner "Mall Cop" unleash

by Fisher Robinson 2 weeks ago

Everyone here keeps pretending it's Kevin James who actually makes the short films into what they are? Yes, he is an excellent actor, yes, he probably has a lot (all?) of the input on the writing, but the thing that makes this pure gold is the production quality of the Kinnane Brothers company. Hats off to BOTH of these.. Don't forget the unsung heroes like the sound guys!!

by retro-spill.blogspot.com 2 weeks ago

“All I ever wanted was to make people smile”. -Kevin James

by ibudddz 2 weeks ago

RIP Jerry Stiller “Arthur” A legend has passed, will be remembered forever.

by Paul Considine 2 days ago

It's weird that Jack Black got like 1M subs in a day and Kevin James is just barely hitting 200K. This is one of the best channels on YT.

by Alex Hansen 2 weeks ago

Kevin James just exposed the entire industry.
He showed us that with good production you can make very bad content, that doesn’t make any sense, look like some Oscar nominated work product.

When I saw that Bologna sandwich video, I wanted to eat it more than anything Gordon Ramsey cooks :) It’s fascinating.

by KuTSpaM 2 weeks ago

As more gold like this emerges I'm quickly accepting two years of Covid19 as a needed fate.
This is Chaotic Neutral at it's finest.

by Sean Pinkey 1 week ago

He finally admits his been bald even since “king of queens” that toupee wasn’t fooling anyone.

by IncogNieto 2 weeks ago

I love this man’s TALENT - been a fan forever

by Fred Flinstone 1 day ago

When he said “I just want a sound check, Mr. Gosling”... I cried

by Spotless Dancer 2 weeks ago

Mr James, this channel is THE best thing that happend this year.

by Faraboot 2 weeks ago

When are we getting a King of Queens movie? Real Talk

by Mr. Smith 2 weeks ago

One doesn't own emotion, and when one is owned by emotion, it's a reflection of one's belief that one own's them. Let the Narrative of emotion go. Non-Duality.

by STILL 1 week ago

Keep doing what you're doing Kevin James, it makes life easier for a lot of people 😉😄

by Yan 30 2 days ago

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