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ONE HOUR Of Gordon Ramsay Hating On Food

Kitchen Nightmares photo 1 ONE HOUR Of Gordon Ramsay... Kitchen Nightmares photo 2 ONE HOUR Of Gordon Ramsay... Kitchen Nightmares photo 3 ONE HOUR Of Gordon Ramsay... Kitchen Nightmares photo 4 ONE HOUR Of Gordon Ramsay...

The people who run this channel know exactly what we want

by superb 1 year ago

"fresh frozen out of the can"
He is speaking the languange of the gods

by a cats 2 months ago

You know the food is bad when Gordon's insults are pure poetry.

by Gabriel Keller 1 month ago

Every episode of Kitchen Nightmares

Restaurant: We have issues.
Ramsey: These are your issues.
Restaurant: How dare you address our issues!

by Marquise Alexander 2 weeks ago

The cameramen are the biggest snitches since 6ix9ine

Chef: all of our food is fresh

Cameramen: ima about to end this chefs whole career

by tomrob06 1 month ago

one thing i appreciate about ramsay, is that he's always so polite and kind to the servers, despite the quality of the food. he doesn't blame them or blow up in their faces like the karens of this world.

by the emily project 1 month ago

the quarantine really had me sitting through an hour of gordon taking a fat doodoo on terrible food smh

by rubyjx 2 weeks ago

"Jerk Chicken isn't dry, it is a succulent, highly flavorful meat when done right.' my Mama confirmed this.

by Chris Taylor 1 month ago

Dentist: Now take a sip of this and spit it out so I can continue
Gordon: Wow... what a shame. Is it microwaved?

by raZZorAM 3 weeks ago

gordon: finds plastic in his food
chef: theres no plastic in my kitchen

cameraman: zooms in on all the plastic

by mrbenzedriine 3 months ago

Gordon to lady from Jamaica: "I dont know what kind of herb from Jamaica you have been smoking"... dude just straight went there.

by Skunk Nipples 2 months ago

Take a shot every time he says โ€œ*thank you my darling*โ€

by Niko Belic 1 week ago

"Whereabouts in England are you from?"
looking around in desperation
"Fray Bentos."

by robotbattler 1 month ago

He protecc
He attacc
But most importantly

He send food bacc

Edit: lol thanks for the likes guys

by kaidyn armenta 1 month ago

words that will trigger chef ramsay

- frozen
- microwave
- canned
- store bought

by suzume 1 week ago

"You cooked him a fresh steak, right?"
"You didn't pull that steak out of here...?"
I don't even want to know what "here" means.

by Take 7 Up Yours 1 month ago

โ€œIโ€™m not afraid of chef Ramsay, even if he had hornsโ€

What about a Ramsay that canโ€™t find his lamb sauce

by Atomica 1 month ago

Make a 10h version,Im tired of clicking repeat.

by Giorno Giovanna 2 months ago

I love that no matter how frustrated he is, he still says "thank you my darling" to the waitresses.

by HIF1alpha 3 months ago

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