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BTS Jungkook cute sleeping moments!!!!

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BTS Jungkook cute sleeping moments!!!!
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Kpop Min photo 1 BTS Jungkook cute sleeping moments!!!! Kpop Min photo 2 BTS Jungkook cute sleeping moments!!!! Kpop Min photo 3 BTS Jungkook cute sleeping moments!!!! Kpop Min photo 4 BTS Jungkook cute sleeping moments!!!!

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by Chanyeol'ün Gözlüğü 9 months ago

No wonder Jin is always teased by jungkook,he always disturbs him when he is sleeping😅😅😅😅😅

by Gardenrose 4 months ago

Jungkookie its still a baby

by Army Forever 4 months ago

Jungkook: sleeps
Jin: imma end this man's career

by WheRes My mOnEy 1 month ago

He sleeps so beautifully, but I’m kinda concerned that he can literally sleep anywhere. Hope he’s getting enough rest now

by Twiliiii 3 months ago

Yoongi and Jungkook sleeping at the same time

Like father , Like son lmao 😂😂😂

by Althea Rosales 10 months ago

Jin and jungkook sleeps

Jungkook: Finally I can have a nice rest

by NIGHT MARE 3 weeks ago

He looks the cutest while sleeping. Look at his innocence. God.. It's literally killing me.

by Ankurika Boruah 2 weeks ago

Jungkook is literally me I can sleep anywhere at any time

by Shahd 4 months ago

And Jin still wonders why Kookie hits him all the time

by momokhat 2 months ago

Honestly i feel bad that they can sleep anywhere, this shows that they're always working hard and probably don't get the amount of time to sleep

by taesthetic 8 months ago

i can easily get angry when i sleep someone distrub me,he is a good person..

by doranita ran93 1 month ago

Jungkook: asleep

???: puts a fry on his mouth

Fry: falls on shirt

???: moves fry

Jungkook: licks lips...TASTES- immediately wakes up

I think-
Taehyung: hits ball- and it hits jungkook

Jungkook: gets up puts hood on and chases him

And they end up cuddling

I wanna cuddle with him ;-;

by MinSugaGeniusッ 1 month ago

He's so adorable sleeping I can't help but laugh because of the cuteness

by Kajitani_ Kata 3 months ago

how can someone be so cute even when he's asleep he is the cutest perfect model for blankets, cushions and bedsheets 😂

by Priyanshi Pandya 1 month ago

Oppa jungkook cute quá ààà❤️❤️
How many people love jungkook

by Hảo Vi 10 months ago

I just noticed that the female staff holding Koo's head had to kinda dodge the camera/move behind Hobi to not get filmed.

by Suga iNFirES 1 month ago

Jungkook is the most cute when he s sleeping

by Mahani Asat 4 months ago

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