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Tattletail is a game where you play as a young whipper snapper that decides he's gonna be a bad boy and open his presents early this year, but mama does not like that one bit...
Tattletail game link, https://store.steampowered.com/app/56...
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Kubz Scouts photo 1 I DECIDED TO OPEN MY... Kubz Scouts photo 2 I DECIDED TO OPEN MY... Kubz Scouts photo 3 I DECIDED TO OPEN MY... Kubz Scouts photo 4 I DECIDED TO OPEN MY...

Game: Stay silent
Jay’s Flashlight: imma bout to end this man’s career

by ADRI ANIMATIONS 2 days ago

Game: Mama only attacks when you make noise

Jay: Proceeds to make noise every single time

by Yukin Allen 2 days ago

No one:
Everyone in the comments:
"Jay: Aggressively ShAkES flashlight"
Edit: I wasnt expecting this to get noticed- alright then

by AshTheAnime Cat 2 days ago

"Mama makes a grinding noise when she's nearby. If you hear it, stay quiet"
Jay: This sign won't stop me because I can't read! *VIOLENTLY SHAKES FLASHLIGHT*

by Fandom Obsessed Rosalie 2 days ago

Game: "Mama makes a grinding noise when she's nearby."
Jay: "What's that grinding noise???"
Game: "Mama will only get you if you make noise."
Jay: shakes flashlight while looking directly at Mama

by Alyssa McCain 2 days ago

Jay: I don’t think anything scary’s gonna happen
Scary Noise: *happens.*

by Gibbon Speeb 2 days ago

game: “mama only attacks when you make noise”
jay: AGGRESSIVELY shaking the flashlight
me: facepalm

by Felix’s Freckles 1 day ago

Game: Don't Make any noise when Mama's around

Jay: Okay

Also Jake: Shakes flashlight Aggressively

Game: Mama's coming Kubz scouts

by Tori Ling 2 days ago

Jay: Looks around house, and no one but him and the Tattletails are around.
Also Jay: "Did I kill my family..?"

Also, Jay, in order to get the "good ending," u have to collect all 22 of the eggs. (If I remember correctly..)

by C_AnimationStudios / Random Stuff 2 days ago

Game: “Stay quiet!”
Jay: “Okay”
Also Jay: shakes flashlight aggressively

by Biiitchhh No 2 days ago

"I don't think anything scary will happen"
*Scary music intensifies*

by Sanny 2 days ago

Jay : “I was born without no moms”
Me : “your right, they were dads”

by Itz •Jennie• 2 days ago

Jay: He says “uh oh” when he’s on low battery, that’s the cutest thing ever.

Mason: So you have chosen... death.

by onii-san 2 days ago

Me when i watch a youtuber player horror games: "Lol he got scared like crazy!"

Me when i play: "HOLY SH!T AHHHHHH"
*Shutdowns Pc*

by GoldenStyles Beats 2 days ago

“Access the new chapter” I think there is more, Jay.

by Rhens Sarajena 2 days ago

Game: Don't shake the flashlight or make noise when she's near
Jay: Does exactly that but surprisingly doesn't die

by Somebody Unknown 2 days ago

Game: don't anwser the phone

Jay: I'm going to answer the phone

by Mr. Hops1234 2 days ago

No one:

Jay: Makes noises when mama makes the grinding sound.

by Petlover OR 2 days ago

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