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Starbucks Be Like

#Old Belt Road #dads plan #Starbucks #Dad's Plan #Comedy
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Thanks for watching! 100,000 likes and I'll drop my next video! What was you guys' favorite part?

by Kyle Exum 11 months ago

"Did you know they're charging $7 for this stuff?"

"Oh shoot! They're having a sale?"

by Resale Value 11 months ago

Couldn't stop laughing about the mad fake and ugly shoes.

by Daniel Robledo 2 months ago

Kyle: "Isn't that just warm milk and coffee?"

by Johann Peña 3 months ago

“You call Ariana grande, Ariana medium?!”


by []Depends On Me[] 2 months ago

Starbucks: exists

Kyle: I'm gonna end this company's whole career

by Gundom 11 months ago

"What are you dunkin donuts? We dont do that in Starbucks."

That made me laugh so hard 😂

by CallumandJakub Collabs123 2 months ago

“..How Did You-..Ugh All This For A Grande Frappuccino..”

”..IT’S A GRANDE! Get It Right Kai-Yéll..”

by Worldwide Slipper 2 months ago

Not gonna lie. Kai-Yéll seems like a dope star wars name.

by Rodrigo Verney 2 months ago

Starbucks: what’s the name?
Me: Colin
Starbucks: How do you spell it?
Me: C O L I N
Starbucks: COLOGNE

by Pokemon Trainer 1 month ago

I sent this to my cousin who works at a Starbucks.

She legit died cause she said this video is way too accurate.

by zσmσk вєαn 11 months ago

“Starbucks isn’t a drink, it’s a life style”

by Tomas Rodriguez 1 month ago

"Isn't that just warm milk and coffee?"
"Isn't you're shoes just mad fake and ugly!!" Had me dead

by Bxddie Maya 2 months ago

I just realized that this guy made a career by talking to himself.

by yowawa wang 1 month ago

Kyle:Isn't that just warm milk and coffee
Starbucks Employee:Aren't your shoes
just mad fake and ugly.
Me: Dang he really popped off😂

by Tabitha Jenkins 1 month ago

"Did you know this stuff is 7 dollars" "they're having a sale?" Im dead😂😂

by Faith.B❤️ 11 months ago

“Express yourself to the back of the line”

by alfa 2 days ago

“Starbucks isn’t a drink ok, it’s a lifestyle”

by Esti Bleich 2 months ago

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