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The Reason McDonalds Doesn't Deliver

#The Mom Rap #Raps #dads plan #Chick Fil A #Comedy
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Kyle Exum photo 1 The Reason McDonalds Doesn't Deliver Kyle Exum photo 2 The Reason McDonalds Doesn't Deliver Kyle Exum photo 3 The Reason McDonalds Doesn't Deliver Kyle Exum photo 4 The Reason McDonalds Doesn't Deliver

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by Kyle Exum 1 year ago

So no one gonna talk about the mcdonalds waiting music 😂😂

by SxZeldris Demons 1 year ago

"reach for my food I'ma reach for my belt!" that's a catch phrase I didn't know I needed

by madison Sapp 2 months ago

"I can't wait to rate you one star."
"And I can't wait to give you one sauce."

That... that hurt a bit different💀

by LetsSaboogi 3 months ago

Me when i dont need napkins: "Can I Get A CheeseBurger?"
Mcdonalds Worker: " Yes Of Course"
Mcdonalds Worker: puts 5,683 napkins
Me when I need napkins: "Can I Have A Cheeseburger?"
Mcdonalds Worker: puts 1 singular napkin

by Positive LPS 3 months ago

Kyle: hey that took like 2 hours shouldn't I get something for free


Edit: omg I've never got this many Likes

by Ikram Harun 3 months ago

"now get back inside looking like a Walmart Brand Will Smith"😂😂

by William Lunny 1 year ago

“Walmart branded will smith”

oh so now we roasting Kyle, alright

by ElectrikCryx 2 months ago

“Can I atleast get a cookie?”
“Cookie machine broke too?”
“Nah I just don’t feel like making it”

by LilMayaxx :D 1 month ago

I love how this dude always has a smile on his face 😀

by Fizziyie 1 month ago

"Two piece no sauce" is officially my favorite Kyle line

by AnxiousJoe 1 year ago

"No you cant have water cups cuz u ain't gon get water uh" 😂😂😂

by Shania Washington 2 months ago

"lemme speak to your manager."
"sorry, the manager machine is broke too."

karen is coming for you

by jim piersol 2 months ago

"if you wanted to have it your way you shoulda called Burger King," lmaoo im so dead

by Tofunmi Asebiomo 3 months ago

"Lookin' like a Wal-Mart brand Will Smith" 😂😂

by Besrqq 2 months ago

"Whose chicken " " I'm sorry is this the mighty kids meal cause your acting real childish right now meet me in the parking lot" "my pleasure" 😂😂😂

by vux vux 2 weeks ago

“Can I speak to your manager?”

“The manager machine is broken”

by Ace W1nter 2 months ago

when he left he really said “badababa”😂

by pytmadison 1 month ago

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