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Lance Stewart photo 1 I PROPOSED Lance Stewart photo 2 I PROPOSED Lance Stewart photo 3 I PROPOSED Lance Stewart photo 4 I PROPOSED

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by Lance Stewart 1 day ago

Lance is engaged, and Lizzy has an Onlyfans. Didn’t see that coming.

by Kyle Puckett 4 hours ago

Homie said

“Is it this finger” 😂😂love this guy👏🏽❤️

by Gerardo Lopez 58 minutes ago

Who still remembers grand ma beating Lance every time he scared her

by Michael Hernandez 4 hours ago

The biggest prank that lance did was marrying her 😂

by Building Studio 3 hours ago

Man I haven’t watched this man for over 2 years. Man this made me cry with no hesitation. I’m so happy for both of you guys 😭🎉

by Edgar Prosperous 4 hours ago

This is the first time I haven’t seen him prank someone.

by aaron barbosa 2 hours ago

I remember watching just the vines of him messing around with grandma to now about to be married

by Lil iLurchie 5 hours ago

There’s a 100% chance One person who likes this will become a millionaire

by That 2k Account 1 hour ago

Damn this thing touched my heart badly im only 15 and im literally imagining how i would propose to my future girl friend i really love these couple from the bottom of my heart😭❤

by itsleo 890 5 hours ago

Haven’t been here in years, thought he was with lizzy. It’s been awhile 💀

by Vohnez 5 hours ago

Just clicked to see if it was the same girl when i first started watching... its not.

by Anthony Hood 3 hours ago

I don’t even know who this guy is he just showed up in my recommendations, but good for you man

by Thebluebanana456 7 59 minutes ago

Another Paper Mario game, huh? Looks decent, I can see why this is #1 trending.

by ImOnTheWrongVideo 2 hours ago

Who’s here and still wondering if he actually got possessed in his old videos ?

by I see I see 2 hours ago


by Nathan Gomez 2 hours ago

Back when vine was a thing I remember watching him to cheer up and now that he's getting married, I'm so proud of him. Congratulations Lance and Julia, hope it works out

by Lil Broken 2 hours ago

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