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Coronavirus VI: Testing: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

As experts encourage widespread coronavirus testing, John Oliver discusses exactly how much testing the US has done, the difference between diagnostic and antibody tests, and why we need to do more..
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Trump: "This is the swab."
Thanks for adding value during this national emergency. I'll go over here and die now.

by Jayyy Zeee 1 day ago

The American Idiot - Limewire joke was a very specific chef kiss.

by Aubrey Hill 1 day ago

Alex Jones is a FREAK. He should be in treatment, not on the airwaves.

by Pamela Clare 1 day ago

“When you’re dead, you don’t know you’re dead. The pain is only felt by others. The same thing happens when you’re stupid.” - Ricky Gervais

by Beta 21 hours ago

The term “rockin” out of Jared’s mouth? He’s about as rockin as ice.

by jane diamond 1 day ago

It's NEVER a good sign when Patrick Star is offering better advice than the President of the United States.

by Danae Unrine 1 day ago

"Jared Kushner and his resting 'Do you know who my father is?' face"

I have never heard him described more accurately, I'm stealing this!

by Erica Baffa 1 day ago

Why is Donald Trump walking around with Q-tips in his pocket?

by Johey Jonsson 1 day ago

He looks like he ate his neighbors already

by Suzan Jurist 23 hours ago

Alex Jones won't need to feed his daughters in the apocalypse. He lost all custody of them due to his raging insanity.

by John Clifford 1 day ago

Looks like during the early days of the pandemic, the final "C" in CDC stood for "Clusterf**k."

by JadenKaye 21 hours ago

Why did USA need to develop their own tests instead of using the WHO protocol? Was it because the protocol was developed in China or Germany?
Xenophobia kills!

by Beran1979 1 day ago

My grandmother on long island caught something in her nursing home, it came and went. She then had a stroke and was moved to a hospital. My grandpa, scared he wouldn't see his wife again after weeks of being separated by quarantine, gave her a hug and kiss goodbye. She then FINALLY got tested, and tested positive for COVID. So now my grandpa is in quarantine. Took over a month before she got tested and it was way too late. And this is a small tiny example of how lack of testing is effecting us.

by Brian Retus 1 day ago

How horrible is it we turn to John Oliver for the truth, America is sooo broken..!

by Paul St Pierre 1 day ago

John didn’t even open the box of worms that is our fraud testing contracts (for example the fed administration referred NY to a $50m contract that was never filled)

by Jake Keller 1 day ago

I was bummed that this virus wasn't getting to "Stupid People" - well, that's about to change. Stay smart - stay home.

by Kevin Burdeshaw 1 day ago

Can't believe he didn't cover the disinfectant injection debacle.

by Buckie Smalls 1 day ago

he really did say "ill eat your ass" while broadcasting for the whole internet to see

by manny maker 1 day ago

"It has every song off of American Idiot in the order it was released but better because they were taken off Limewire" LOL

by Meggie Jackson 1 day ago

"Testing, testing, testing. AHHH! TESTIIIING!"

-Patrick Star

by Kallie Teddy 1 day ago

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