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Coronavirus VII: Sports: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses the sudden disappearance of sports due to coronavirus, how their absence is impacting people emotionally and financially, and the complications of bringing them back anytime soon.
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THIS JUST IN Adam Driver responds to John Oliver with just one word: Cauliflower.

by Shady Shaderson 1 hour ago

"Who would wanna watch dudes slapping each other and marbles racing?"

Me. Thats who.

by Bromine And Barium 1 hour ago

I'm just gonna drop what someone wiser than myself on the Internet said better than I could:

"All these billionaires telling people to risk their lives to get back to work reveals one thing: they don't make their money. You do."

by Theomite 1 hour ago

That's not Gritty's apartment. It's just an empty apartment he's squatting in. This is Gritty we are talking about.

by Arthur P. 1 hour ago

"I'm tired of watching baseball games that are 14 years old...

...WHICH I HAVEN'T HAD TIME TO WATCH..! Just..one batter, that's it!!" - Trump

by The Babadook 2 hours ago

Surprised to see 21 minutes without any mention of Liverpool, their historic season, and John's lifelong passion for the team

by Amit Debnath 1 hour ago

OK... i cannot wait to see "Jelle's Marble Runs" brought to you by "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver"... I have been watching Jelle's for about 3 years now... This is just... so good.

by JJGeneral1 Arcade 1 hour ago

E-Sports from home be like: You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me.

by TheUndeadslayer221 53 minutes ago

When trump wants to watch something 14 years old he walks into their dressing room.

by Ben M 40 minutes ago

"Fight developing in the fan section" is the funniest thing I've ever heard.

by Mitch Christian 47 minutes ago

"Philadelphia sports fans are inhuman monsters deserving neither compassion nor understanding..."
Bill Burr has entered the chat

by NameForComments 1 hour ago

Imagine born in England and being forced to say soccer instead of football😆

by Irfan Aditya 44 minutes ago

I would have lost it long ago without John Oliver’s comedic insight. Brilliant show!

by Ey Tro 1 hour ago

It’s gonna be weird going back to having crowd laughter in this show

by Eflores235 53 minutes ago

Just when you thought John Oliver lost his marbles with the Adam Driver bit, he comes back with a sponsorship for the Marble League 2020.

by jodinsan 48 minutes ago

Alright that’s it I’m building an ai to make John Oliver phrases about Adam driver

by Æon Frolicker 1 hour ago

i think its official, John's finally lost his marbles

by swordsimkid23 2 hours ago

Joe Kelly's wife should have said: "Juuuust a bit outside."

by Pointer To Void 1 hour ago

Me at - "eh, I don't really like sports anyway"
Me at - "I'm hoping is the year Balls of Chaos takes the gold, but Coach Harmony needs to get their head out their ass and take Disarray off the bench. What a waste of good young talent. "

by Virgil 25 minutes ago

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