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USPS: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

As the U.S. Postal Service faces financial catastrophe, John Oliver discusses why the service is so important, what brought it to this point, and what we can do to help.
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Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait...so let me get this straight, the USPS is broke, which is a federal service, but the government would much rather bail out airlines and banks, rather than bail out an actual essential business that provides services to literally everyone...huh?

by Yuwai Scuti 3 days ago

I'm a dispatcher for the USPS and yes, we ship baby chics almost every day this time of year. honey bees too!

by D Messenger 2 days ago

"If you hated this segment, buy a stamp anyway any mail me a letter about how much I suck"
I bought my stamps, where do I send these letters?
Not because I hated it, but because now I have all these stamps and no other letters to attach them to.

by Draykshaper 2 days ago

John Oliver: This is the funniest rock of all time.

Dwayne Johnson: I see I'm not a joke to you.

by E M 1 day ago

When a comedy show put more effort into saving the postal service then the government, you know that the government is a joke with no punchline.

by Ross Chippendale 3 days ago

I loved that line, "If you hated it, buy stamps anyway and send me a letter about how much it sucked." Too funny. Now, off to buy some stamps.

by Richard Walker 2 days ago

Finally someone to talk about that ridiculous bill.

by Mark A 2 days ago

I always love how Trump says "they should charge more!" on Amazon when it's not even up to the Post Office itself, they need permission to raise prices since prices are set by a Congressional postal committee. But I doubt he cares about the facts, he just wants to stick it to Bezos anyway he can (even though the only people hurt by a shipping increase wouldn't be the billion dollar internet companies but rather regular people and small businesses).

by lindyxmjh 2 days ago

The thing we keep learning is that John is spending an increasing amount of time on Tik Tok

by Jo Tremmel 2 days ago

When I was in postal training, I found out that every year countless Americans recover from having collapsed in their homes solely because of a mail carrier who happened to notice they hadn't checked their mail. USPS is a vital component of society-- and yes, there is still such a thing as society. We still care about each other, including the rural poor. .

by orgcharp 3 days ago

The postal service is not allowed to make a profit. So it can only lose money.

by Franklin Hammack 2 days ago

If you're ever in DC, the Postal Museum is the most underrated part of the Smithsonian, period.

by Samuel Hopely 2 days ago

Republicans: "don't rely on government services and systems because they're vulnerable to being hamstrung by people like us"

by dumb thicc wizard 2 days ago

When I moved from Brooklyn to Tennessee, I had a lot of books that I needed to ship. This was essentially dead weight and if I used FedEx/UPS it would have cost as much as my rent. I could not buy the same books again since some were signed by my professors .I was able to ship 25-30lbs of books using USPS Media Mail for $14

by Cheryl Macwan 1 day ago

Still canโ€™t get over the fact that johns kids are probably in the next room hearing muffled screams of their father getting pissed for the postal service

by Renee Ravindranath 4 days ago

They should make stamps with animal crossing characters.

by Laura Evans 2 days ago

"The post office is a joke because they deliver packages."


Sure that makes sense

by Rachel L 1 day ago

Oh man... that moment he said "are we essential or sacrificial?" is exactly what I was thinking of Amazon employees, grocery store workers, medical workers, custodians, etc. We need to stop treating people like an expendable piece in this machine!

by elizabluekitty 1 day ago

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