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WILL BODIED THIS! | Joyner Lucas & Will Smith - Will (Remix) - REACTION

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Everybody after hearing Will's verse: Ahaha. Thats hot...thats hott

by Papi Chulo 1 day ago

people forget that in 89 will and jazzy jeff boycotted the grammys because the hip hop awards werent televised yet, AND THEY STILL WON. without them standing up for hip hop who knows how long it wouldve taken for it to become more mainstream back then

by Scarecrow1018 1 day ago

This feels like Joyner and Will’s version of Let Nas Down

by Matthew Bolinger 1 day ago

"not every hero is wearing a cape" Hancock reference?

by Amier Lane 1 day ago

Hey I see u representing with my alma mater Mississippi Valley State University class of 2008.

by Stephanie Woodley 1 day ago

Will : "Brick by -brick, building a wall that nobody can break"

Donald Trump : Oh he's spitting . . .

by Fa-Eez Abrahams 1 day ago

That little ticket part is off of All about the Benjamin’s. My favorite movie all time besides Training Day

by XCVIII KING 1 day ago

aye bro just saying when you said “you get in the position of attention from somebody in the position of attention” that’s a fire ass military double entendre too

by JRKoperski 1 day ago

Fr fr whats y’all gamer tags?🤔 I heard that “blooop”

by Bzooka Joe 1 day ago

ya still haven’t done “in too deep” by eminem

by YodaYoSoy 23 hours ago

Will needs to drop an album he’s one of the Goats

by Ajourney Musix 1 day ago

That Low Down Dirty Shame reference was nice lol. Will never lost it🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

by James Tolliver 1 day ago

Favorite reactors they actually dive deep inside the lyrics unlike others(ZIAS)😭😭😭😭

by Hanad Aden 1 day ago

Bruh he didn't even cuss on this one..😲 it's crazy funny because he mentioned not cussing to be considered great wow

by Michael Huston 1 day ago

Will Smith KILLED this 🔥

by Double S 1 day ago

Last time I was this early Eminem took away MGK's career

by Lucas Valentino 1 day ago

“Rest In Peace to James Avery”-Will Smith🙇🏽‍♂️🗣💯

by SosaSzn 1 day ago

Yall finally got to somthing on time😩😩

by Alicia Nyjah 1 day ago

Rest in peace to James Avery will smith

by Johnny King 1 day ago

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