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Lil Skies - Fidget [Official Music Video]

#Lil Skies Fidget #Lil Skies Leak #Atlantic Records #Hip Hop #Music
Lil Skies - Fidget.
Stream/Download: https://LilSkies.lnk.to/FidgetID.
Director: Kristian Bennese
Prod: Based1 and Bak
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Waynesboro, PA does not come to mind when you think of contributions to hip-hop, but Kimetrius “Lil Skies” Foose hopes to be that boundless rose to spring forth from the concrete.
#LilSkies #Fidget

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Lil Skies photo 1 Lil Skies - Fidget [Official... Lil Skies photo 2 Lil Skies - Fidget [Official... Lil Skies photo 3 Lil Skies - Fidget [Official... Lil Skies photo 4 Lil Skies - Fidget [Official...

Use me as a “I didn’t come from Tik Tok” button

by Ayo Quando 2 weeks ago

Lil Skies - Fidget
Skully God - Too Much Sauce

which one yall going with? 🤔

by Doc Martin 1 day ago

Skies manager: we should try grow your British audience more
Skies: ting

by ViSiON gaming 1 week ago

Who’s a better rapper
Like: Lil Skies
Comment: Lil Mosey

by Raid Zymite 1 week ago

This song is very underrated, also like Lil Skies sadly.. however i think Skies is better than a lot of famous rappers.
Who is agree with this? 🦋

by Levente Papp 2 days ago

Song: Named Fidget
Lil Skies: Says Fidget once


by Ismael BruhhYT 1 week ago

This Sounds Like The Old Skies😂😂Also A Freestyle😂

by Nonnie 1 week ago

Skies isn't like these "Lil Rappers" cause his Dad Named him Lil Skies at birth.

by Expanding Minds 1 week ago

Lil Skies: “I don’t really trust nobody,”

The cameraman: Ight ima head out

by DaishinkanJavi 1 week ago

He needs to bring back his old nowadays hair back

by Luke Silly 1 week ago

Imagine skies and Iann dior…just imagine

by SwagIsLife 1 week ago

claim your "here before tiktok ruins this song" ticket here

by austin steinhoff 2 days ago

Lil Skies Been Fire Since Day One Lol

If You Know You Know

by im a person 2 weeks ago

Skies is no ordinary “lil” rapper... his songs hit DDiiiiifffeerrrrrent

by Draqee 2 days ago

Everybody: CorongaVirus

lil skies: flexin wit his homeboys

by Vitor Soares 1 week ago

This man had lil in his name before it was a trend

Respect 100!

by Squeakity 6 days ago

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