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Lil Tjay - Ice Cold (Official Video)

#Ice Cold #New York #Lil Tjay #Lil Tjay New Song #Music
Official video for "Ice Cold" by Lil Tjay..
Listen & Download “Ice Cold” by out now: https://LilTjay.lnk.to/IceCold
Amazon - https://LilTjay.lnk.to/IceCold/amazon...
Apple Music - https://LilTjay.lnk.to/IceCold/applem...
iTunes - https://LilTjay.lnk.to/IceCold/itunes
Spotify - https://LilTjay.lnk.to/IceCold/spotify
Soundcloud - https://LilTjay.lnk.to/IceCold/soundc...
YouTube Music - https://LilTjay.lnk.to/IceCold/youtub...
Director/Producer: David Wept 
DP: Franklin Ricart 
Editor: Omar Jones 
Colorist: Kinan Chabani
Follow Lil Tjay
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/LilTjay
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/liltjay/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/liltjay.
#LilTjay #IceCold

#Tjay #Bronx #Viral Rapper #Brothers #Zoo York #New York Rapper #True 2 Myself #State Of Emergency #Lil Tjay Ice Cold #Ice #Rap #LilTjay #IceCold #NYC #Cold #GOAT #HipHop

Lil Tjay photo 1 Lil Tjay - Ice Cold... Lil Tjay photo 2 Lil Tjay - Ice Cold... Lil Tjay photo 3 Lil Tjay - Ice Cold... Lil Tjay photo 4 Lil Tjay - Ice Cold...


by Lil Tjay 11 hours ago

if u skip this comment u will get bad luck

by Lxcid_Vybze 1 day ago

people looking back at this gonna be hella confused when they see him wearing a face mask

by musty 22 hours ago


youtube comments: “You will be rich if you Like this comment🤧”

by H666 21 hours ago

Lil Tjay actually keeps getting better each song, you can tell he wants to be the best and is putting the work in. Can't wait to see where he is like 5-10 years from now. 💯

by LISHAN 1 day ago

Fun Fact:
Lil Tjay made this song about the blood in his veins

by Tan K 1 day ago

Only people who like polo G and Lil tjay can like this❤️

I have polo G unreleased song

by Fast Lyrics 1 day ago

lmao he said "JT my aroma, city got corona"

by crispy 22 hours ago

All these Fortnite kids are like;

Lil tjay never did a bad verse or Whos better Like: Lil tjay comment: "insert rapper"

by Aver 22 hours ago

When he said "Corona in my city":

I felt that

by IGCLiPS 13 hours ago

"i dont even think ill make it past 18" we gotta protect tjay at all costs. dear lord, dont take our tjay. amen. 🙏🏽

by wow bruh 19 hours ago

2020 has been a cold year... were gonna get through this yall

by 91GAMBLE 14 hours ago

This Video Is Special To Me Because This was made when my Dad Died
1 like= 1 prayer for my Dad

by Snake Main 13 hours ago

He’s still so young, just take in he’s not at his full potential.

by ISSAI CAPONE 8 hours ago

“I ain’t even think I’d see 18 I ain’t even lying” Damn that’s true, that’s the type of world of we live in.

by Ramazani Kashindi 12 hours ago

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