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Lil Tjay - Zoo York (feat. Fivio Foreign & Pop Smoke) [Official Video]

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Official video for "Zoo York" by Lil Tjay featuring Fivio Foreign & Pop Smoke.
Listen & Download 'State Of Emergency' by out now: https://LilTjay.lnk.to/StateOfEmergency
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Produced by Bordeaux & Non Native
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Lil Tjay photo 1 Lil Tjay - Zoo York... Lil Tjay photo 2 Lil Tjay - Zoo York... Lil Tjay photo 3 Lil Tjay - Zoo York... Lil Tjay photo 4 Lil Tjay - Zoo York...

Someone who liked this will be a millionare in the future

by Obey Purpose 5 days ago

random 12 year old: Someone who liked this will be a millionaire in the future

by ttv_nfs_tryhard 7 1 day ago

Didn’t even look at that title when I heard that “Uh”, I knew Pop Smoke’s in the cut

by Cezar Wok 1 day ago

When I see Pop's Feat, part that shit made me shead a tear!!
Only a real nikka's would feel me!
Respect to Lil Tjay, & Fivi!!
To see Son could not be part of that Vid, in "Real Life time" especially on his part made me realize, they put them clips, n snippets of his vids...made me realize that son really not here with us!!
R.I.P POP!!!! :dizzy::dizzy::dizzy::dizzy::pray_tone4::pray_tone4::100::100::100::100::100::100::100::100::100::100::100:
*NOT A RAT CALLED 6X9...TALKING ABOUT SOME KING OF NYC SHIT* FOH!!!:100::muscle_tone5::muscle_tone5:..

by Beez BK Benny Blanco 1 day ago

It’s funny how they in ny where’s there’s the most corona cases but they don’t care about social distancing

by Goated Highlights34 1 day ago

“You cannot say pop and forget the smoke”

by FREDDY! 5 days ago

This is a really good collab, no cap, lil TJay hits different and Fivio is really good and Pop Smoke is the kind of NYC R.I.P Pop Smoke all of u og nikkas will understand... When pop Smoke was in the beginning it hit different....:cry:

by Jay Jay 1 day ago

Doesn’t NY have the highest corona rating in the country

by Dark_oceanic 418 1 day ago

I know u wont see this but

1. The ten minute pop as still alive, we might never know what they said to Pop while he was dying...
2. He was being followed and he knew it.
3. They are camera everywhere in Beverly Hills. Local shops, houses EVERYWHERE.
4. He was only 20 ffs, we will never get anyone with that voice man.
5. He was crying 5 minutes before he was getting killed.
6. The police might got paid to let this case rest by the shooters, we know police likes making dirty money.
7. The people who might killed him are:

- Member of the Choo's
- The guy of the rolls royce sended sum folks to kill Pop SMoke
- His own BrOtHeR Mike Dee

by TELJO 1 day ago

Pray that the Tik Tok girls don’t ruin this :pray_tone5:

by Canada Made Caleb 5 days ago

No one:

Desperate 12 yr olds in the comment: LaSt pERson tO LiKe tHis WiLl Be a miLlioNaire

by Allan Munyaneza 1 day ago

6ix9ine: I'm the king of NEW YORK
lil tjay: smh

by Antar AA 1 day ago

as soon as I heard that “WOO” I already know he was finna snap

by Isoable 2 days ago

Literally nobody:
Fivio in every song: GRRrrRrRrr BAu

by Louis Huz 9 hours ago

What songs better?
Like for Zoo York (Lil Tjay)
Comment for Gooba (6ix9ine)

by Astra OTB 5 days ago

pop smoke was in another level R.I.P GOAT

by carlos cabral 1 day ago

are we going to just ignore the fact that the director of this video also filmed 6ix9ine's recent GOOBA video days before
LMAOOO I guess snitching by association doesn't count?

by it'snot complicated 1 day ago

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