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Lil Wayne - Piano Trap & Not Me (Official Video)

#In Tune We Trust #piano trap lil wayne #tunechi #hot boys #Music
Lil Wayne - Piano Trap & Not Me (Official Video)
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Lil Wayne photo 1 Lil Wayne - Piano Trap... Lil Wayne photo 2 Lil Wayne - Piano Trap... Lil Wayne photo 3 Lil Wayne - Piano Trap... Lil Wayne photo 4 Lil Wayne - Piano Trap...

At this point Wayne don’t need the views he’s left his mark on the game he does this shit in his sleep

by Antonio Martinez 4 hours ago

I love seeing this man enjoying himself. He deserves it, he's the one that made me love rap/hip hop at 11-12 years old. I remember hearing A Milli on the radio and falling in love with the song. I grew up to Wayne's music, I still remember having drop the world on repeat when I bought his rebirth album on my iPod Touch. I'll always have respect for this man

by itsTalon 3 hours ago

“Took a few Ls without them I couldn’t spell life.” :100:

by JaKaron Timmons 5 hours ago

Lil Wayne as a playable character in skate 2020

by Bailey Bailey 5 hours ago

This man is a hip hop legend to the new generation real talk Wayne is one of the goats

by Ty Hairston 5 hours ago

In a 100 years people will still talk about the goat Wayne

by Nicolas Martins 5 hours ago

Whoever is reading this you will be rich and successful inlife And God will bless you.


Wayne got so many styles cus he's a group.

by Magvilson Fon 6 hours ago

Lil Wayne right now is like when you beat A GTA game and have infinite money and properties. He just driving around having fun with his success hahaa

by Jason D. Marajh 2 hours ago

Yea I agree he’s seems to be happy and that all that matters, most of you have to understand that he’s just leaving the life he always wanted to live. A thug surrounded by killers his house life, all he ever wanted to do was rap ans skate smh I’m happy for him, life your truth brother

by Exist6nce 2 hours ago

"Lil Wayne is the best skater to ever live." - Tony Hawk

by Aka Rasta 5 hours ago

Anyone else notice how on the YMCMB pad, the CMB is crossed out lol?

by TriL TV 5 hours ago

He looks healthy asf and this one track should come off this album..... G.O.A.T

by Rick Steiner 4 hours ago

i remember when wayne first started skating he was horrible, he really stuck with it

by Austin Brenning 4 hours ago

This man brought skating culture and rap together on a mainstream level. He's a legend for that...

by Carlos R 4 hours ago

Wayne birthed so many rappers man, it’s crazy! He doin his thang tho 🛹

by Neil Sharma 6 hours ago

Wayne is trending in 2020! That’s what I like to see

by XSean K.dot 5 hours ago

This give me those Gucci’s mane vibes we be steady mobbin

by cameronwiltz87 4 hours ago

He's fire..say what y'all want to Wyane is a genius.

by Ann Johnson 5 hours ago

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