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Tekashi 6ix9ine Full IG Live Video

Lil2Describe photo 1 Tekashi 6ix9ine Full IG Live... Lil2Describe photo 2 Tekashi 6ix9ine Full IG Live... Lil2Describe photo 3 Tekashi 6ix9ine Full IG Live... Lil2Describe photo 4 Tekashi 6ix9ine Full IG Live...

If yall have trouble reading the comments in the video (cause of it being blurry even with best settings on the video), then close the video and click on it again. YT tripping sometimes!

by Lil2Describe 1 week ago

Look at all those verified accounts clout chasing! :joy:

by Skilla G 1 week ago

Jake Paul’s comment:joy: “the ones that are the most hated are the most viewed”

by J V 2 days ago

i ain’t guilty uh
snitched on my whole city uh
snitched on trippy uh
they tried to give me fifty months !

by Junior Grimes 10 hours ago

Guys you won’t believe this I seen a person who is not verified comment

by LIL TOP 6 days ago

Bruh he’s saying the n word like it’s nothing.

by Sunny Vibes 2 days ago

Lmao how many famous people were on his live clout chasing :skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull:

by DeathStroke 1 week ago

Don’t try saying he look different because he got “cloned in jail”.

by CocoaKyReboot 3 days ago

This is the guy that don’t need to smoke to get high

by T D 3 days ago

Why je always says the n-word when e is not black can u americans explain it to a german ????

by Boray Capar 2 days ago

This guy broke the record before he even came on the screen. lol wow

by Henry V 1 week ago

"You a little boy to me, I'll kiss you on the forehead."

by Sabastian Bari 3 days ago

All these killas talk about snitches get stiches but would never bust a grape. He kept it 100%

by Jack Skellington 2 days ago

Bruh idc what this dude did but his teeth is so straight——:frowning2:️ I’m jelly

by Wolf_gamergirl !!! 3 days ago

“Not gonna lose my life over no hater”

before he went in he’d called out a different hater to meet him every week

by DaX 2 days ago

How many of the verified people in the live were dissing on him while he was locked up?

by Citizen 1 week ago

He makes a valid point about expected loyalty and the way the gang treated him. But at the end of the day, even if the situation was different, he would have snitched on them anyway because he's not doing 45 years in prison...

by Shawn A 4 days ago

Breaking news tekashi 69 has changes his name STUART LITTLE.

by David Munoz 3 days ago

Didn't he pay all his money so he can get out of Jail?
How the hell does he still have money? Wtf

by King Xavier 1 day ago

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