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Quantum Mechanics for Dummies

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Hi Everyone, today we're sharing Quantum Mechanics made simple! This 20 minute explanation covers the basics and should give you a good foundation for understanding the principles of Quantum Mechanics.
TOPICS COVERED, 1). What are atoms made of? - 00:30
2). What is a particle? - 00:30.
3). The Standard Model of Elementary Particles explained - 1:40
4). Higgs Field and Higgs Boson explained - 2:34
5). Quantum Leap explained - 3:07
6). Wave Particle duality explained - the Double slit experiment - 3:50
7). Schrödinger's equation explained - the "probability wave" - 6:09
8). How the act of measurement collapses a particle's wave function - 6:43
9). The Superposition Principle explained - 7:10
10). Schrödinger's cat explained - 8:19
11). Are particle's time traveling in the Double slit experiment? - 9:39
12). Many World's theory (Parallel universe's) explained - 12:23
13). Quantum Entanglement explained - 13:37
14). Spooky Action at a Distance explained - 14:09
15). Quantum Mechanics vs Einstein's explanation for Spooky action at a Distance (Bell's Theorem) - 15:40
16). Quantum Tunneling explained - 16:15
17). How the Sun Burns using Quantum Tunneling explained - 16:47
18). The Quantum Computer explained - 17:56
19). Quantum Teleportation explained - 18:24
20). Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity incompatibility explained. String theory - a possible theory of everything - introduced - 21:02
SOURCES, Hunt for the Higgs - Horizon BBC documentary
Parallel Universes - Horizon BBC documentary
Quantum Mechanics - NOVA documentary, presented by Brian Greene
Inexplicable Universe - The Great Courses - presented by Neil deGrasse Tyson

#Quantum Mechanics made simple #Quantum Mechanics the basics #Quantum Mechanics explained #Quantum Mechanics for Dummies #Quantum Physics for Dummies #Foundations for understanding quantum mechanics

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by LondonCityGirl 2 years ago

Finaly I understand that I don't understand quantum mechanics ...

by Maanviss 4 years ago

19th century scientists: "we got it finally all figured out!"
Quantum Mechanics: "Evening gentlemen"

by zouhir bouchaar 1 year ago

if this is for dummies I'd hate to see the one for smart people!

by Terry Peterson 3 years ago

Particles: teenagers who just want to do whatever they want but when the adults come in, they do their homework.

by Alan P 3 years ago

Mrs. Schrodinger asked her husband: where’s the cat? Erwin answered: well, there are both, good and bad news!

by Thomas Huth 1 year ago

What if the only reason we are living the life we are right now is because someone else is observing it

by Taylor Melton 1 year ago

I almost understood this, then my liver started bleeding.

by David H 1 year ago

minute video> 12 years of school

by ZeBlur !!! 1 year ago

One of the best explanations I've ever seen; great job!

by FA HA 1 year ago

Guns don't kill people... Observers do!

by Mike Harris 3 years ago

I think quantum mechanics is God's way of trolling.

by antred11 3 years ago

This is indeed a very explanatory and precise content about "Quantum Mechanics". Thanks LondonCityGirl for uploading this video.

by Shubham Sharma 2 years ago

Did you just say that they’re always in a superposition, but when we try to analyze them they collapse it?! What are they intelligent?!

by Statza Choatejr1 10 months ago

"The electrons some how knew the scientists would switch the detectors on" :neutral_face::weary:

I'm sorry, what? Are you saying electrons have a mind of their own?

by Fakit 3 years ago

I don't buy the whole "the electron realises its being observed" and that it can be anywhere it wants before observation. It's too science fiction and smacks of people just making stuff up because they have over active imaginations. I believe this is just an area we haven't properly experimented with. Everything in life has a simple explanation. We just don't know much about particles yet.

by Ste Foster 2 years ago

"Luminous beings are we; not this crude matter." - Yoda

by Xylok 3 years ago

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