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Hell's Kitchen S07 - Best Of (Uncensored) - Part 1

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Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j39kJi...
Hell's Kitchen - Season 7. My personal highlights from the 7th season.

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finishes smooching "This person is NOT, who you think she is. She is... My mum."

by Yella Dart 2 years ago

I felt bad for the lady who was laughing, I think it was just a nervous tick. My friend laughs when she feels nervous or awkward.

by Sydney Cruz 3 years ago

Jean phillipe is the MVP of the show, night in and night out he has to serve everything, even when things go to shit, and then tell everyone why.

by Aaron Williams 3 years ago

"I do not English"
What an honest young man

by B' D 3 years ago

"Thank God it's his wife.ย  He just like, licked her teeth."--LOL!

by lurch321 3 years ago

What does the Ramsaysaurus say? RAW RAW RAW!!!

by Street Deacon 3 years ago

"Thats my wife"
Her: "uh no I'm not?"
Gordon's wife comes in: "hey sorry I'm late"

by Liam Kudla 10 months ago

Fran: "I got some balls chef"

Ramsey: "Where are they?"

Fran: "If you give me another chance I'll show em to you"

( อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ)

by W x B 9 months ago

"Salvatore, fight back young man"


by VKINGZ1 1 year ago

get masterchef winners to go to hell's kitchen. that'd be lit

by starzandearth 3 years ago

I feel bad for Salvatore. he worked for 21 years for his parents and had no time to learn English at schools yet he breaks down when being the waiter. give this guy a break. he may not be the best cook but he's certainly the most lovable contestant

by Kevin Wang 3 years ago

Pretty dumb on Ramsay's part to have the guy that can barely speak english write down orders

by Nick Sacco 2 years ago

Salvatore basically said his teammates had sex with the salmon. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

by Cathryn Porter 3 years ago

Some people laugh to deal with stress ya'know...

by kori228 3 years ago

I love JP. He's perfect for what he does. Wonderful personality, charming to listen to, and he wanted so bad for Salvatore to stay and fight.

by Watzit Tuyah 2 years ago

daaaaaamn half of a fricken bottle of Tabasco sauce in chicken wings. Jesus Christ..

by Justin Lowney 2 years ago

It actually werid to hearing Chef Ramsay swear... I'm so use to hearing the "Bleep."

by LinksHopping Golfer 1 year ago

that's so sad, like why would you put salvatore in front house when you know he's not fluent or atleast conversational level in eng?

by chii hasagi 3 years ago

Welcome to WWE Monday Night RAW...... ๐Ÿ˜Š

by DeBy SaNtOs 95 3 years ago

How to run an american tv show :
1. Play dramatic music
2. Show shocked faces every 4 seconds
3. Put arguments in it

now u are good to go

by raver้›ฒ 9 months ago

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