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Office Hours: Using the AD-AS Model

Confused about how the aggregate-demand aggregate-supply model works? In this Office Hours, we’re doing a deep dive into the mechanics of the model.
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Marginal Revolution University photo 1 Office Hours: Using the AD-AS... Marginal Revolution University photo 2 Office Hours: Using the AD-AS... Marginal Revolution University photo 3 Office Hours: Using the AD-AS... Marginal Revolution University photo 4 Office Hours: Using the AD-AS...

girl this confused me more... wtf HAHAHAHAH

by Ruthie Freer 1 week ago

Thank you so much for your wonderful video. i feel like I understand when I listen. but i have trouble in practicing with the exercise. Here is an example: Use the AS-AD curve to analyse the impact of of the events on the domestic output, overall price level, and unemployment in short-run. Draw the AS-AD diagram to illustrate:
a/ The government raises the tariff on oil imported
b/ The domestic interest rate increases significantly due to tighten monetary policy.
c/ The world economy starts to recover.
Can you help me to solve this? I hope to receive your response soon.

by Phượng Nguyễn 1 year ago

What do you think about the the Circuit Theory of Money?

by Mujangga 2 years ago

Are you kidding? music while talking? so bad, please no music.

by The Destroyer 3 months ago

It is not inflation on the vertical axis, it is the price level

by Periklis Gogas 2 years ago

Much better than the khan academy video! cheers

by Big Dic Daddy 6 months ago

Wow - this is actually quite frightening. You've made up your own theory on Aggregate Demand! Aggregate Demand is made up of Consumption, Investment, Government Spending and Net Exports.........despite what monetarists tell you. Utterly baffling. No wonder it's only been viewed so little.

by James Jeffery 2 years ago

The perfect face .... for a radio hostess.

by C. Lincoln 2 years ago

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