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MIND IF I BORROW THIS? | DOOM Eternal - Part 4

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These demons sure are rude! All I'm asking is to borrow their skulls for my skull throne that I'm building! Is that so much to ask?
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Markiplier photo 1 MIND IF I BORROW THIS?... Markiplier photo 2 MIND IF I BORROW THIS?... Markiplier photo 3 MIND IF I BORROW THIS?... Markiplier photo 4 MIND IF I BORROW THIS?...

Old Mark: WhEre'S the BlAcKsMiTh
Current Mark: Oh God, where's the Totem

by Youmo60 17 hours ago

Mark: plays DOOM, possibly the most visceral and gory game ever.
Also Mark: Jimmeny Crickets! Gosh, it's getting hot!

by Jack Williams 16 hours ago

“Do demons have sex?”
Slaanesh: ah, good morning, Mark

by No Fun Intended 12 hours ago

Mark: do demons have sex
Me: Incubuses and Succu...
Mark: Why would they.

by The1stCamcat1 17 hours ago

Mark: "We're not gonna go for collectibles in this playthrough"

Mark: 100%'s the collectibles

by Reginald Gickington 17 hours ago

Mark: gets the turret mod eh, that's overkill

Doom Slayer: clears throat

by Jedidiah Coltrane 10 hours ago

"This area is no longer secure, evacuation is in effect"

You talking to the people or to the demons when doomguy arrived ?

by Ivan Christopher Guillermo 7 hours ago

Fun fact: DOOMGUY is on a path of revenge after all. The demons killed his pet rabbit called Daisy in DOOM 2. So of course he’s gonna be pissed...

by Grant Wainwright 10 hours ago

Those dislikes must be the demons who face Mark's wrath.

by BlueFoxnews News 10 hours ago

Personal headcannon: Doonslayer constantly has hesdphones on and the music we hear is his demon-killing playlist.

by Isaac Tellez 8 hours ago

Fun fact: The Doom Slayer has the "universal recipient" blood type - he can safely receive blood transfusions from any human, but only fellow AB+s can safely be given his blood.

by Michael Ramon 15 hours ago

Mark: I’m in the zone
Demons: Aw shit

by Donovan Hogg 14 hours ago

This is where Jack got pissed off royally cause he kept dying.

by Joshua Bradford 14 hours ago

Mark: what do you call this thing

Me: a pulsating mouth
latterly the beginning of the video

by Cathi Bee 18 hours ago

When he acknowledged that the energy drink was gonna be a bad idea, that’s when the vid got super interesting

by Flymoolah man 27 17 hours ago

I can imagine an Employee walking into the Break Room and seing his Superiors in a Congo Line chanting, "We're Evil, We're evil, We're we're, we're evil!"

by Justin Flowers 18 hours ago

Mark: "Wow I don't really use Blood Punch"

Also Mark: "I should probably put all my upgrades into Blood Punch"

by BirdsEyeView 18 hours ago

Mark on UV: “Easy peasy”

Me watching him with envy as I play on Nightmare and die many times to the demons I used to shit on

by Unconventional Deskfan 15 hours ago

PRO-TIP: "BLOOD PUNCH always OneShot's a Pinky" ❤ -tibz

by TiBz 15 hours ago

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