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[FREE] The Weeknd x Synthwave Type Beat - "Myself" | Pop Type Beat | Retrowave Instrumental 2020

#afterhourstypebeat #theweekndtypebeat #synthwavetypebeat #Music
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🗝 Key: G# Minor
🎵 Bpm: 90
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🔍 Usage Terms, This beat is free for non-commercial/non-profit use only (YouTube or Soundcloud use with NO monetization). If you want to use it on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube/Soundcloud etc. with monetization or in any other commercial project, then please purchase a license that is suitable for yourself before releasing your song. By purchasing the beat you'll receive it in best quality and without any vocal tags.
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🗝 Key: G# Minor
🎵 Bpm: 90
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by matee 1 month ago

Damn bro its the versatility that gets me.... You can literally make everything from pop, hip-hop, rap, R&B....etc...
Damn i dont know why you dont have more subscribers....
This beat was eloquently done......

by christian sandoval 1 month ago

Loud ! 📣

by Lynzo 1 month ago

I was waiting for a synthwave ! 😎

by Lynzo 1 month ago

maaaan, this is so goooooood. 🔥

by INNO 1 month ago

Noti gang for my bro💪 that synth!!🔥🔥

by Vez Beats 1 month ago

these new vibes are lovely <3

by HamilBeatz 1 month ago

Fire bro 🎹🔥

by DJ Vil Le 1 month ago


by ED Beatz 1 month ago

U killed this for real!!❄❄❄

by Sean Beatz 1 month ago

@matee Could you make Tyga club bangers ?

by Undead Music 4 weeks ago

fire bro

by R3lax 1 month ago

Hits are hard on the beat, the drums hit the right frequencies and are in time, so much vibe on the melody man

by Lime 1 month ago

Ouuu that radiates real heat 🥵🧯

by Judit Ny 1 month ago

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