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Lowest DPM - tier 9 | wot blitz

Lowest DPM tank week. Tier 9
Coming to an end of this series, we take a look at the tier 9 lowest DPM tank, and that is the German heavy, the mauschen. A great tank that's heavily armoured, but is slow and doesn't have great DPM.
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Meadsy69 photo 1 Lowest DPM - tier 9... Meadsy69 photo 2 Lowest DPM - tier 9... Meadsy69 photo 3 Lowest DPM - tier 9... Meadsy69 photo 4 Lowest DPM - tier 9...

"moistion" that how u read mäuschen

by Crafted Zeke 6 months ago

it is stock T49 you could see from the redline when you were looking at him. Not so much of a danger

by Austerlitz On Blitz 6 months ago

Oh great I'm grinding to the Maus, this is great news!

by Daniel R. 6 months ago

Oh this is why it is so ez to destroy mauschen when I play standard b or centurion 71

by Vetron_X 6 months ago

OOOiii meadsy, i was the 100th like, gimme ma tank now boi

by Omar Kharnivall 6 months ago

That's my tier IX tank!

by Vulcan 70 6 months ago

one time i bounced 5k dg in my mauschen while sidescraping

by JoshMustDestroy 6 months ago

I got and ace tanker today in my mauschen. It was supremacy, at the end, I had had to chase a borsig. The time limit ran out, and i lost coz they had more victory points, if I killed the borsig, I could have also got kolobanovs and pooles, but radleys instead

by Commander Biswas 3 weeks ago

ace, high caliber and top gun... Are u sure about that?

by Miqueias Dutra 6 months ago

Id say the mauschen is one of the worst tier 9s,i find that when angled,i can still pen it

by Lorenzo Amandy 6 months ago

Lowest dpm tank at tier X is VK 72.

by Designer 11 6 months ago

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