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30 TANKS VS Ny'alotha Heroic

#n'zoth first #n'zoth ny'alotha #n'zoth world #world of warcraft #Gaming
What happens when our good friend Nnoggie puts together a 30 TANK ONLY Ny'alotha raid with the stream, I guess let's find out.. Subscribe to not miss out on more videos!
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#method #worldofwarcraft #BattleforAzeroth #30tanks #nyalotha

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Method photo 1 30 TANKS VS Ny'alotha Heroic Method photo 2 30 TANKS VS Ny'alotha Heroic Method photo 3 30 TANKS VS Ny'alotha Heroic Method photo 4 30 TANKS VS Ny'alotha Heroic

What wacky ideas should Nnoggie try next?

by Method 1 week ago

So this is where all the tanks are when I'm trying to PUG a M+ 🤔🤔🤔

by Monti 1 week ago

"Overall we're happy with how corruption is playing out"
- Ion

by laxxboy20 1 week ago

This is honestly so damn stupid it's incredible XD

by McDoomerkin 1 week ago

Welp, rip that essence when blizzard sees ths.

by deity 93 1 week ago

I rly couldn't imagine that Nnoggie is so funny guy. I enjoyed this one so much

by Nick P. 1 week ago

This brings the question "who pulls" to a whole new level

by Tomi Todorov 1 week ago

- Hey, how efficient is the best sustain stuff for tank ?
- Y.e.s.

by FlynnWinch 1 week ago

tanks dealing more dps than my main character

by NSK DTB 1 week ago

Little concerning when the top tanks out dps my main on N'zoth

by Hats 1 week ago

Imagine this but in Alterac Valley

by Russell Sam 1 week ago

glad to see my lorgok soundboard made it in :)

by Dunao 1 week ago

Blizzard: "youre not supposed to do that..."

by Strong Leftarm 1 week ago

This video perfectly sums up the stupidity of this corruption system. GG Blizzard :p

by Le Grand Concepteur 1 week ago

satisfying seeing all those strength of the warden buffs

by Cimsoc 1 week ago

I feel like some people in the comments take this too seriously, the expansion is basically over, lets have some fun with this system.. its gone next addon anyways

by Orcaaaan 1 week ago

Title should be "Ion Hazzikostas Sponsoring a Heroic Nyalotha Run"

by Luka Baklacioglu 1 week ago

Meanwhile in LFR at Nzoth... 15th try, 7th group refilled, leave after 2 hours waste of time.

by MichelKaspari 1 week ago

i told everybody it was possible everybody laughed, now they see in reel how it goes gg !

by Solareius 1 week ago

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