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Migos - Cocoon

Migos ATL photo 1 Migos  - Cocoon Migos ATL photo 2 Migos  - Cocoon Migos ATL photo 3 Migos  - Cocoon Migos ATL photo 4 Migos  - Cocoon

If you listen to this bomb again in 2018 leave a like

by Jaurès Akoudjou 2 years ago

2020 this is still the best Migos song no cap

by OneBoy 3 months ago

Who else listening in March 2020?! May God bless who ever comes across this comment. Wish ya a prosperous year! 🙏

by rawlikesushi3 1 month ago

This the best migo song ever made ,they can never hit this vibe again.

by YES SIR 3 weeks ago

Teacher: what happens to your body when you take drugs?

Me: when I take drugs I go to the moon☄️🌙

by Hoemer Simsphon 11 months ago

Offset’s verse sounds like it’s own movie soundtrack 🔥🔥🔥🤯 5/1/19

by TymikOfficial 11 months ago

I never thought I'd be listening to a song called Cocoon

by azael 1 year ago

Peoplel be mixing Quavo, Offset, & takeoff up. Trying to compare them. Real Migos fans appreciate all of them because they all bring something different to the table.

by carrissa thomas 3 years ago

Who’s listening on 2020??

Hey future 🤩🔥

by Bassam SY 4 months ago

I'm I the only one who feels like takeoffs on his own planet 🔥🔥🔥🤣

by Jean Gustave 1 year ago

Well, Offset is a goat man. I'm speechless...

by LovelyAslya 1 month ago

No it did not go viral due to AUTHENTIC VIEWS D0T *C0M*. Like, If you listen to this bomb again in 2020 during quarantine

by Lexi Candy 3 weeks ago

nobody knows why this comment got so many likes

by larry53 1 year ago

In my opinion Offset kills all of his Songs very talented

by Sandra Jackson 10 months ago

Takeoff sound like a dam choppa..randomly letting go 🔥🔥👏

by Jean Gustave 1 year ago

Quavo: Best hooks
Takeoff: Best flow and bars
Offset: Brings gangsta twist to the group and the best rapper in the group.

by Tommy Hiltriggga 1 week ago

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