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Migos - Get Right Witcha [Official Video]

Migos ATL photo 1 Migos - Get Right Witcha... Migos ATL photo 2 Migos - Get Right Witcha... Migos ATL photo 3 Migos - Get Right Witcha... Migos ATL photo 4 Migos - Get Right Witcha...

If you listen in quarantine again bomb a like

by Umut Chef 1 month ago

If you listen to this bomb again in 2020 leave a like

by Dj Zmilczyńsky 4 months ago

Who's been here during and will be after Corona?🙋🏾🏄🏾🏄🏾🏄🏾🏄🏾🏄🏾🏄🏾

by Rushanty Monzel 1 week ago

i uses to sing this song with my bestfriend, now he passed away, RIP MMD

by Hadj Malick DIEYE 7 months ago

If you listen to this bomb again in 2019 leave a like

by Abdoulaye Dieye 9 months ago

Culture will go down as one of the greatest rap group albums of all times.

by Ossama Harchi 8 months ago

I'm telling my kids this was One Direction

by Nicholas101 4 months ago

I think Takeoff needs more love and longer and more parts in their songs

by Itjustmeeddy 3 years ago

lmao when you use a racial slur and nobody notices

by KVB 4 months ago

After listening to Wrekonize body this beat this is so hard to listen to lmao.

by Ricky Di Giacomo 4 months ago

Me:Can i get a glass of water?
Waiter:Get right witcha!

by Doge 3 years ago

not gonna lie Quavo looks good without his dumb glasses

by Cottage Cheese 4 months ago

Takeoff is my favorite out of all three ❤️🔥

by glittrrr 3 months ago

Migos will never top Culture 1, hit after hit after hit

by Avon 8 months ago

Takeoff doesn't get the credit he deserves. He has tha flow of tha songs .

by SAUCE BOSS 3 years ago

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