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Mojang Studios: New Name, Logo, and Trailer!

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In celebration of Minecraft’s 11th birthday, we’re unveiling a refreshed name, a new logo and this very trailer! Meet the mysterious little gizmos known as the Mojangs, and get the full inside scoop at https://www.minecraft.net/article/mee...

#minecraft dungeons #mojang

Minecraft photo 1 Mojang Studios: New Name, Logo,... Minecraft photo 2 Mojang Studios: New Name, Logo,... Minecraft photo 3 Mojang Studios: New Name, Logo,... Minecraft photo 4 Mojang Studios: New Name, Logo,...

Everyone's still just gonna say Mojang.

by AvaPop 8 hours ago

And with this, the Microsoftification of Mojang is complete.

by EnemyViolent 8 hours ago

Who remembers the old old on that was orange

by whyhuskgaming 10 hours ago

“Even are amazing community!”

2b2t players: hi

by Derik The man 9 hours ago

"Even our amazing community!"

2b2t: Amaaaaazingly destructive community!

by ShaunDelier 10 hours ago

I'm waiting for 2030 when it gets changed to "Mojang Specifications"

by mkevz 11 hours ago

Time to prepare for the

"gLaD i grEW uP wItH tHiS anD nOt tHiS" memes.

by Sephiles 5 hours ago

Mojang: We've finally done it! A new name! It's called Mojang Studios.
Me: seems creative how long did it take you to come up with that?
Also Mojang: Well we also made... The Mojang!
Me: very creative indeed

Edit: btw don't take me seriously I think the names great!

by The Diamond Ninja 4 hours ago

"We're preparing for a new film"


by dat1Boi Blas 6 hours ago

Old logo of Mojang is cool and the new one is really good too I like how its very modern
But now the question is what will happen with the Mojang logo banner pattern in Minecraft

by Name Surname 9 hours ago

"Mojang is changing to Mojang Studios"
Texture pack creators: HOLD UP

by NetworkHoffman 7 hours ago

I like how casually they dropped the “we’re planning a feature film”

by VIN722 2 hours ago

Minecraft: we’re going to have featured film-

Me with everyone: Let me see, LET ME SEE!!!

by Alex Acevedo 9 hours ago

Actually can't wait to see the logo animation when starting Minecraft!

by PhilledZone 11 hours ago

Why aren’t we talking about when the creepers on the computer it says “Aww man...” at the bottom

by Kadin Bunch 11 hours ago

“No one knows where Minecon 2011 was hoste”

by It'sJustMe 7 hours ago

The thumbnail has creeper, aw man. Mojang knows they've made memes.

by CZap Gaming 9 hours ago

Almost everyone knows that it says “aw man” so?

by mars 7 hours ago

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