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The All-Time Chiefs Team!

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Welcome to video one of the all time teams, featuring the super bowl champions, the kansas city cheifs! next up is the Browns, get pumped boys !!!
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MMG photo 1 The All-Time Chiefs Team! MMG photo 2 The All-Time Chiefs Team! MMG photo 3 The All-Time Chiefs Team! MMG photo 4 The All-Time Chiefs Team!

If MMG got a subscriber for every time he missed a wide-open receiver he'd have a diamond play button

by Gautham Garre 1 day ago

I literally canโ€™t wait for this new series! Who else?

by Alex Is Daddy 1 day ago

MMG: He loves his underneath routes

Also MMG: Has thrown literally 20 underneath routes

by Sesario Hernandez 1 day ago

"Luke Kuechly has to be there don't worry he wont play"-MMG
Me: Sees him in at least 10 times
MMG Fans: "Are we a joke to you"

by Jared McRobie 1 day ago

MMG: Man wide open downfield
Also MMG: No ones open Iโ€™m gonna have to playmaker Tyreek throws a pick

by D.J. Chapman 2 days ago

Mmg: Kuechly is just there he wont get any playing time

Mmg: Also users kuchely half the game bruh

by Exzonic SG 1 day ago

Man said is it lane-e-ay
It's just luh-near

by Endma Life 1 day ago

MMG:โ€œLuke Kuechly wonโ€™t get any playing timeโ€ Also MMG: users Luke Kuechly

by Sam Johnson 1 day ago

Flight: Look at curry man MMG: Look at those blocks

by Z GAMING VIDZ 1 day ago

Everyone welcome to the exclusive club until everyone else finds this video

by nick villa 2 days ago

B was wide open in the endzone ๐Ÿ˜ญ

by Staoytuxlc 1 day ago

MMG: โ€œwoooow the defense really picked it up in this second halfโ€
Me: sound a little familiar?

by Davis Kenyon 1 day ago

Mmg: were playing against a all browns team
Raheem mostert: scores a touchdown
Me: I guess Raheem mostert is on the Browns

by Minnow 1 day ago

Iโ€™m so confused how itโ€™s letting me watch this vid but not others ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

by David Bryant 2 days ago

MMG โ€œ I have so many wide receiver play makersโ€ MMGโ€ oh thereโ€™s no QB spy

by Nick DePiero 1 day ago

Challenge for wheel of mut : user defensive line for one half

by MadDogs07 2 days ago

he had Sammy Watkins for a TD๐Ÿ˜‚

by Swifty 18 1 day ago

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