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A New Chapter..

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I have literally missed you and YouTube so much and I am so excited to be posting again. I hope everyone is safe and staying sanitary and sane in this world craziness. We will all get through this together. love you so much..
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Morgan Adams photo 1 A New Chapter.. Morgan Adams photo 2 A New Chapter.. Morgan Adams photo 3 A New Chapter.. Morgan Adams photo 4 A New Chapter..

I’m so excited to post this and can’t wait to start posting regularly again. Thank you for giving me time. I love you so much and I hope you are safe and healthy in this world craziness. ❤️❤️❤️

by Morgan Adams 1 day ago

morgan: "im mentally stable"

also morgan: gives pictures on the wall food at her hoodies funeral

i love you morgan so proud! would not love this chaoticness from anyone else

by Izabella Silver 11 hours ago

Morgan: slices an orange
“I’m a chef now”

by Facts On Opinions 8 hours ago

Literally crying laughing when the pictures and clips of each person talking was playing!!!! Gold medal content! 😂😂😂❤️

Also: one of my cats very much enjoyed this video - he was concerned with the fire though! 😂

by Christine Cuddemi 16 hours ago

i’d kill to have a body like yours. You’re literally one of the most gorgeous girls i’ve ever seen and i truly hope you know just how worthy and beautiful you are.

by A .M 11 hours ago

“Ring ring it’s time for you to go through the ringer” 😭😂

by Kendall Rae 14 hours ago

Morgan: I’m finally mentally stable

Also Morgan: talks to people who aren’t actually there in her kitchen

But in all seriousness I’m happy for you 😁❤️

by Madalyn Gilles 16 hours ago

“It’s important to feel something these days”
immediately grabs knife 😂

by Alma García 15 hours ago

Anyone else shocked by Morgan saying that she gained 50 lbs because they completely didn’t notice and don’t see it AT ALL! ♥️

by champagnecoloredeyes 15 hours ago

I love Morgan so much 😭 she's the only person that would think to talk about making a pie like that and I started crying when she said she was mentally stable like damn girl go you maybe I'll be there someday

by Alanna Lowry 17 hours ago

Morgan: I'm mentally stable!!

Also Morgan: proceeds to make a funeral for her hoodie with posters of friends and family, referred too as her audience.....

Literally the reason why she is my favourite YouTuber ❤️ never change!!

by Paige Stevens 14 hours ago

She is so pretty, that other chef needs to be fired

by Bri koz 15 hours ago

Isn’t Morgan’s cat living with her ? Or did something happen with the cat ? Cause she printed out the picture of her cat also

by yasmina 14 hours ago

The editing with everyone’s voice is comedy gold; Morgan is a genius. Glad you’re back bb 💜💜

by Madelyn Tuck 14 hours ago

I'm not having a breakdown anymore
prints friends out and tapes them to a wall to drink wine with them

by Prince of Meows 16 hours ago

fact: Morgan is one of the few real people on YouTube.

by Faten Malhis 9 hours ago

The world: Is on fire
Morgan: Is mentally stable finally

by Ethan Power 16 hours ago

She is literally everyone during quarantine... She is the only one so far that has the balls to show what's really up... A friggin icon fr

by Cult Amigurumi 10 hours ago

The “making pie” metaphor was the best explanation of depression I have ever heard

by Olivia Rachael 14 hours ago

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