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Radium Girls Trailer #1 (2020) | Movieclips Indie

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Check out the new trailer for Radium Girls starring Joey King! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: April 3, 2020
Starring: Joey King
Directed By: Lydia Dean Pilcher & Ginny Mohler
Synopsis: In the 1920s a group of factory workers advocate for safer work conditions after some of their colleagues become ill from radium exposure.
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Movieclips Indie photo 1 Radium Girls Trailer #1 (2020)... Movieclips Indie photo 2 Radium Girls Trailer #1 (2020)... Movieclips Indie photo 3 Radium Girls Trailer #1 (2020)... Movieclips Indie photo 4 Radium Girls Trailer #1 (2020)...

One of the worst things about this story is that for most of the girls who died, US Radium bribed coroners to list the cause of death as syphilis to ruin their reputations and credibility

by Carly Storrer 3 weeks ago

the girls used to literally glow in the dark due to all the radium inside their bodies; their bones would crumble from the inside out; whole skeleton systems would brittle into ash. every single comment about the facts of this true story has been devastating to read.

by Brooke Hollister 2 weeks ago

One of the girls literally testified from her deathbed

by Madison Tramel 6 days ago

Important story. A company that knew its products were toxic and knowingly poisoned women and girls. And similar stories still happening with toxic chemicals dumped in water and present in building materials and personal are products!

by BTassie 2 weeks ago

Joey King really impresses me. I know she’s been in a hundred Netflix teen rom coms and a few Disney channel shows in her younger years, but between this and The Act, she’s also making it clear that she’s intent on doing serious movies with complex, fascinating characters.

by Lauren Conrad 3 weeks ago

Is Joey king ever going to be able to grow all of her hair back out without getting another job that keeps it short

by Eryn Noli 2 weeks ago

And nobody has learned anything because they are voting for politicians that are rolling back environmental, health and safety and worker protections for corporations.

by alieninthecaribbean 2 weeks ago

My biggest problem is the "Radium is good for you, Everyone knows that" not only were they oblivious to the facts, they were told lies about it

by Dwight K. Schrute 1 week ago

This is the lawsuit that led to the creation of OSHA.

by Eddie Brock 2 weeks ago

This girl be getting huge roles

by Jenny Chung 3 weeks ago

To this day their remaining bones are radioactive. The Radium Girls were featured in the documentary The Poisoner's Handbook.

by Princesspuffer 1 week ago

The people who let these women ingest radium while knowing of their horrible effects deserve to BURN😭

by VenayCute 1 week ago

The way the women were getting poisoned was from putting their paint brushes back in their mouths after they had put it into the paint. Just in case if anyone was confused on how they were getting poisoned. I had to look it up because I didn’t know.

by Jackie Cortez 2 weeks ago

Oh God, every time they lick that brush feels like a stab

by Carly Crays 2 weeks ago

Knowing what happened to these young women angers me so much. Makes me also think of what kind of things are we exposing ourselves to currently that we’ll later find out are fatal?!?!

by Sequoyah Hilderbrand 3 weeks ago

“Fun” fact: American Radium delayed court hearings multiple times because if it was delayed for over 2 years, the statue of limitations would take affect and they would not be able to be sued. They also lied to the department of labor by sending only one page showing healthy blood results of the radium girls, instead of the many others showing that their health was declining.

by BlueDrew 2 2 weeks ago

So many cover ups, so much "research" that is biased. Money talks.

by ThisisJohanna 3 weeks ago

Hopefully this movie can do the actually history of the radium girl justice.

by Bijou 2 weeks ago

These girls wore the radium when they went out to dance. So horrible that they weren't told of the dangers.

by SynnJynn 3 weeks ago

My neighbor and friend was one of the last radium girls alive. She was about 105 and was so cool. She survived and endured so much and still managed to be positive. She passed away a couple of weeks ago. She used to give me chocolate when I would come visit her when I was little :)

by Margaret 1 week ago

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