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U.S Cases Of Coronavirus Pass China As Unemployment Claims Rise | NBC Nightly News

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The grim milestone is accompanied by heartbreaking stories of funerals held at a distance or health care workers catching the virus from patients. Across the country, new protective measures are being taken as states grapple with the coronavirus crisis. The House of Representatives is considering a massive $2 trillion relief package that had passed in the Senate. The rescue bill would include additional unemployment benefits, loans for small businesses and checks to most Americans..ยป Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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U.S Coronavirus Death Toll Tops 1,000 | NBC Nightly News

NBC News photo 1 U.S Cases Of Coronavirus Pass... NBC News photo 2 U.S Cases Of Coronavirus Pass... NBC News photo 3 U.S Cases Of Coronavirus Pass... NBC News photo 4 U.S Cases Of Coronavirus Pass...

Trump said it would go away like magic, not sure if he meant people or virus.

by Speakkumind 1 week ago

When china built a hospital in 10 days. That was a warning to the world to prepare

by FAMBOSKI 1 week ago

this is just the tip of the iceberg, when more test results come out the more the numbers will rise. Self quarantine yourself!

by Will C 1 week ago

Why tell everyone they did not a need mask but now everyone wears ones

by Dogtrickheaven 1 week ago

that's what you get when you take for granted those early warnings about the virulence of covid19 like what italy did

by Jeric Lester 1 week ago

Thanks alot people who didnt listen and take this virus seriously.

by Pepsi Man 1 week ago

"You don't work, you don't eat"........the American dream.

by Damian 1 week ago

Asian People are more Discipline than US or Europe the follow stick rule of Steeping out ,mask , glove & sanitize

by Sunil Kumar 1 week ago

The us going from 18k cases to 81k in 3 days:


by MarGame Z 1 week ago

Now the U.S. leads the world in something else...

by Lou Santo 1 week ago

In some parts in asia, quaratine is already implemented even if no case is comfirmed yet. In US, people go around even on quarantine. God help us.

by LOVE LEADS TO PEACE 1 week ago

Its a very terrible thing to have to die alone because you cant see your loved ones one last time. They will not let anyone be with a covid patient. So we will die alone.

by Dina Brown 1 week ago

Please stay home we need to clean house ๐ŸŒ

by j2323j 1 week ago

Noone listens until it's too late. "Old people are the ones affected.. " they said. "People are overrecting".. they said. "I'm not going to let coronavirus ruin my spring break!" .. they said. One more: "We don't need to make the order for people to stay at home yet"... they said. Meanwhile all the warning signs were coming from other countries and the numbers were clear. This thing was a beast. Once it was in your house it would infect whoever it could. Arrogance kills. Ego blinds. Now. They take it seriously. I have one word to those who didn't think this was a big deal: Morons.

by lady ema 1 week ago

"If i get corona i get corona , in the end of the day its not gonna stop me partying" - random sober college student at miami beach spring break party

by TroLoLoL 1 week ago

"staying home saves lives"

"I found my destiny"

by Billy Boy 1 week ago

lmao"Invisible Enemy" some people just don't biology,I've been hearing some bs in the media lately

by Luna * 6 days ago

Asia: THERE'S A VIRUS! Let's wear face mask and lockdown our country even we had 10 confirmed cases.
America & Europe: Nah... It will ruin my style.. Let's party!

Now who suffered the most?

by Enteng-Kabisote_PH OPPH 1 week ago

Janussary: China needs to be fined with trillions of dollars for making the rest of the world suffer

by Janussary Janussary 6 days ago

$1200 towards more toilet paper! ...๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

by BeStill Patience 1 week ago

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