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Nintendo Direct Mini 3.26.20

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A new Nintendo Direct Mini is here! Watch now to see more than 25 minutes of news on a selection of Nintendo Switch games coming this year.
00:23 - Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition
04:26 - 2K Games
06:09 - MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3: The Black Order
07:20 - Shinsekai: Into the Depths
08:23 - Animal Crossing: New Horizons
09:44 - Good Job!
10:48 - Catherine: Full Body
11:43 - Ring Fit Adventure
13:13 - King's Bounty II
14:10 - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
14:47 - ARMS
19:42 - Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics
21:33 - Ninjala
22:47 - Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
23:14 - Panzer Dragoon: Remake
23:40 - What's Coming to Nintendo Switch?
25:15 - Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass
Please note, while the presentation mentions a "Ver.1.1.0 Update" for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you will need to connect to the internet and download the latest update data on April 1st to enjoy the Bunny Day event.
See how to update: https://en-americas-support.nintendo....
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Nintendo photo 1 Nintendo Direct Mini 3.26.20 Nintendo photo 2 Nintendo Direct Mini 3.26.20 Nintendo photo 3 Nintendo Direct Mini 3.26.20 Nintendo photo 4 Nintendo Direct Mini 3.26.20

Nintendo: Hey, you want a hint of what the new DLC fighter is?

Me: Yes

Nintendo: He has arms...

by Cousins' Productions 3 hours ago

There's an ARMS character no one's thinking about: Biff. The little yellow announcer guy. He has the ARMS ability.

by Chandler Farmer 1 hour ago

"Toy Soccer"

Ahem...it's "foosball", dude.

by William Smith 2 hours ago

After weeks of nothing but bad news about the coronavirus, it's refreshing to finally get some good news in the form of a (Mini) Nintendo Direct.

by TIsaacs 3 hours ago

When are they going to restock Ring Fit Adventure, I am not wasting the price of Nintendo switch to buy a plastic ring on Amazon

by I Love SoySause 4 hours ago

Everyone: Easter
Nintendo: BUNNY DAY

by sammyboi2007 2 hours ago

Nintendo Direct: exists
Most people: A N I M A L C R O S S I N G

by Damian Gandia 1 hour ago

narrator: now you can fully immerse in the majesty of this vast world!

Shulk: commits suicide

by TheMaceTrace 3 hours ago

Something tells me that in smash arms next character will be like hero with the costume change that's my theory.

But if it isn't then I hope the ninja joins in.

by Christopher Witherspoon 2 hours ago

Nintendo Direct: "Oh look, someone's hiring!"
People laid off from COVID-19:

by Adam Scott 3 hours ago

Ok yeah sure “mini” keep telling yourself that you 30 minute direct

by Lauchlan Kiely 1 hour ago

Nintendo: "enter Luke Skywalker's jedi academy to learn the ways of the force"
Me: As long as he doesn't bring his nephew in then sure I'll join"

by Rory Vesper 3 hours ago

Does anyone remember Wii Play Tanks?
The Universe:

by Dennis Feklistov 3 hours ago

I love that Arms is getting in but, feels weird that Spring Man won't be the Smash Rep. since he is already a AT. Who of the Arms series should be the Smash Rep.?

by Deathly Trooper 3 hours ago

A game called "Someone's Hiring" is announced in the middle of a hiring freeze for most businesses.

by Objectjon 2 hours ago

It just goes straight from Animal Crossing to Catherine full body.... ok...

by Slim Jim 1 hour ago

I'm calling it; every color for "fighter from ARMS" will be a different character.

by FateLyre 2 hours ago

Please respect Nintendo, that they STILL doing Nintendo Direct during COVID-19.

by Dan Gwen 3 hours ago


by George Hayward 1 hour ago

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