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Coronavirus in New Jersey: Update on March 26, 2020

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What questions do you have about the coronavirus in New Jersey? Gov. Murphy gives an update.

NJ.com photo 1 Coronavirus in New Jersey: Update... NJ.com photo 2 Coronavirus in New Jersey: Update... NJ.com photo 3 Coronavirus in New Jersey: Update... NJ.com photo 4 Coronavirus in New Jersey: Update...

to those out there dodging the corona in NJ, dont be anxious. we will get through this

by September 19 1 week ago

Why are you still running trains that are not being cleaned to Standards!!!

by Bunker Buster 1 week ago

You need better audio for better understanding. It's already hard to understand a politician

by YouTube Waste 1 week ago

This a hole it's not part of my family

by Joseph Evans 1 week ago

Cases goes double around every 3 days, who can calculate based on current speed, when Easter coming, how many cases there will be?! Wish the speed can goes down in the next couple days

by leon lelouch 1 week ago

So now every state is going to try to lead in coronavirus cases so they can get more of the pie 2 trillion-dollar Heist pulled off by the Democrats and the Republicans we now have a [kleptocracy]

by Bruno Perlstein 1 week ago

Hopefully we'll have Somerset Patriots games

by Jessy Leppert 5 days ago

BREAKING NEWS : China closes borders to foreign nationals, as global infections pass 500,000.

This comes a month after claiming it was โ€œracistโ€ to close borders to people from the epicentre.

They lied.
People died.
Then, racist, they cried.

by No toilet paper, woke up thinking Sanders had won 1 week ago

cool video keep up the great content

by Tim 1 week ago

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