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Gucci Mane - I Get The Bag feat. Migos [Official Music Video]

OfficialGucciMane photo 1 Gucci Mane - I Get... OfficialGucciMane photo 2 Gucci Mane - I Get... OfficialGucciMane photo 3 Gucci Mane - I Get... OfficialGucciMane photo 4 Gucci Mane - I Get...

If u reading this ur going to be rich one day :zap:๏ธ:ok_hand_tone4:

by Prod. shx 1 year ago

Quavo:Sings His Verse
Takeoff:Sings His Verse
Gucci Mane: still walking down the stairs

by Chiefs Fan 1 month ago

Rip the brothers who saw their sisters in this

by Saundra Edgar 4 months ago

Anyone else just randomly felt like listening for no reason? :fire::fire:

by Apex_Sparta 3 months ago

I'm sorry but any song that Migos and Gucci mane are in I'm gonna need to call the fire department

by Aaron Michalek 2 years ago

Who listen to this during the coronavirus 2020

by Dee Lee 1 month ago

Yea Iโ€™m def more for โ€œkitchenโ€ Gucci mane

by Corey Redman 3 months ago

Offset: "doitlooklikeigotleftoffigetthebag?!?!"

by Uzzi Pinchez 3 months ago

I don't understand why Gucci gets so few views compared to other artists considering who he is

by chickenequa mcchicken 2 years ago

I like Takeoff's voice. It makes the song sounded more serious.

by BaruaKapitalis 2 months ago

I felt it when takeoff said โ€œ MOMMA โ€ :rofl:

by Selethea Jones 4 months ago

That Guccch ie. "Gucci Man" makes them DANCE "SCUUTCH". These Migos makes this TIME and I really expect that no one can catch up for at least three(3) years.......

by Blackbeard Steel Joseph lee Bynum Jr. 21 hours ago

I guarantee he still hasnโ€™t made it down those stairs :joy:๐Ÿง shoutout to people listening in 2020

by Jstone732 3 months ago

Takeoff got the talent even though quavo got the fame

by T.M. 2 years ago

Rip to future kids who see there mom in this

by Yung Curly 2 weeks ago


by Bella Mumbi 1 day ago

Man these 4 can steal they own flow and make it better :rofl: if u dont understand listen to slippery rn then come back to this

by YCNKhii 1 day ago

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