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BANANA SPLIT Official Trailer (2020) Dylan Sprouse, Teen Movie HD

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BANANA SPLIT Official Trailer (2020) Dylan Sprouse, Teen Movie HD
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How hard is it to cast people who look like teenagers for teen movies or at least change the age to college age?

by kelenerz 3 weeks ago

Relax girls, he has a twin

by Fabian A. 3 weeks ago

Oh, I get it. They split his banana.

by Zack Ketz 3 weeks ago

Spoiler alert:
teenage girls discover the importance of female friendship for personal growth, and that boyfriends are nice but being true to oneself is more important... again.

by h d 3 weeks ago

I genuinely don't know if this is about friendship or if they end up together together

by Aria 3 weeks ago

TRASH I'm definitely going to watch and enjoy

by Gea Papa 4 weeks ago

why is dylan sprouse the only name on the title, yet the 2 girls are obviosuly the main characters

by cocoanouk 2 weeks ago

If Dylan & Cole get switch in Riverdale nobody will notice

by Vela Games 3 weeks ago

Spoiler.. The girls end up together .

by La Brea Man 1 month ago

She is thinking that they should make some rules : First rule : No talking about Nick , Second Rule : No telling Nick .
What is your IDEDA about the rules , should there be rule in your normal life or not , comment down

by Facts IQ 1 day ago

The two girls become lesbian lovers at the end of the movie.

by Powerful Mecha 1 month ago

This movie looks so good, friendship can be so much more important than beeng in a relationship

by Mariana Ganci 2 weeks ago

only looks good if the girls end up together...

by small something 3 weeks ago

Spoiler alert:
Blonde gets Dylan, Brunette gets Cole!

by Usha Shrestha 4 weeks ago

If this isn't about these two girls falling in love with each other ima be big mad

by Lisha Govender 3 weeks ago

So that's why the title is Banana Split.

They split his 'nana. Aight, got it!

by Kim Jose 3 weeks ago

I know he's Cole's twin... but OMG is it weird they have the exact same voice...feel like i was listening to Cole the whole time, i mean jug haha

by lucia njambi 3 weeks ago

I think the two girls should get together.

by needles1987 1 week ago

"mom, she's allowed to be depressed"

"thank you"

"no one as good as Nikhil ever love her again"

My Scorpio sister comforting me

by ŁÄŃÅ 14 hours ago

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