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Pawn Stars: 17 RARE & EXPENSIVE GUNS | History

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Rick, Corey and Chum set their sights on 17 locked and loaded gun deals in this mega-compilation. #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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Pawn Stars photo 1 Pawn Stars: 17 RARE &... Pawn Stars photo 2 Pawn Stars: 17 RARE &... Pawn Stars photo 3 Pawn Stars: 17 RARE &... Pawn Stars photo 4 Pawn Stars: 17 RARE &...

Watch all new episodes of Pawn Stars starting May 11th, and stay up to date on all of your favorite History Channel shows at .

by Pawn Stars 1 week ago

Expert: This is worth 20 million
Rick: Best i can do is $20 and a playdate with chum

by Jerry Mouse 3 days ago

Why do the people selling stuff to the pawn shop never understand that the pawn shop needs to make money, the appraiser is saying what they would sell for, not what the pawn shop would buy the item for.

by Hecking Hecc 2 days ago

i cant wait till 200 years in the future they start doing this with yeet cannon hi point

by zaki rashid 2 days ago

If you don’t trust him, why is he an employee ? Oh... I get it, Chum is 90% of the ratings for the show.

by Paul Amarante 2 days ago

Guy: I have the only one in existence

Chum: That’s awesome dude

by Lik 2 days ago

selling the family heirlooms to shut up the wife...its hard to watch these wimps.

by Greg K 3 days ago

IRS: Rick you owe $455,000 Rick: Best I can do is $30 and that’s taking a huge risk!

by kyler wood 1 week ago

Rick's friend earned his crown when he said 3000, then said 5000 later.

by TillerOG 2 days ago

I think they kinda forgot about the expensive part half way through

by Rolando Bobadilla 5 days ago

“Ive had her a long time, she’s paid off” excellent joke

by Bubba Brown 3 days ago

I just love how they wait for the expert to leave and then be like « okay so, 20 bucks »

by FlatFace FBS 4 days ago

Chumlee isn’t actually as bad a negotiator as rick makes him out to be, i think its intentional, they like use him as a ringer

by Bubba Brown 3 days ago

“If I would have gotten the full 6000$ we would be going to Jamaica, but I guess we’re just going to Cleveland.”

by Sub To PewDiePie 5 days ago

He is very good at what he does unfortunately that's ripping people off

by Derek Thompson 1 week ago

wtf is he talkin about unburned powder and dirt??????"most of the powder didn't explode and your havin dirt thrown in your face"....WHAT!!?? LMFAO

by dylan scronce 4 days ago

I wonder... If there's ever been someone HIGH BALLED.

Like come in expecting $10k and the professional has said 'At least 50k'

I've only ever seen Low Balling. Never High Balling.

by Wes_The_Hunter 6 days ago

I was expecting a higher price on everything that was sold.

by Harryboi 64 3 days ago

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