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Pawn Stars: 20 SUPER RARE HIGH VALUE ITEMS | History

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Rick, Corey and Chumlee check out some of the rarest items ever brought into the Pawn Shop, in this Pawn Stars mega-compilation. #PawnStars
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Pawn Stars photo 1 Pawn Stars: 20 SUPER RARE... Pawn Stars photo 2 Pawn Stars: 20 SUPER RARE... Pawn Stars photo 3 Pawn Stars: 20 SUPER RARE... Pawn Stars photo 4 Pawn Stars: 20 SUPER RARE...

Watch all new episodes of Pawn Stars starting May 11th, and stay up to date on all of your favorite History Channel shows at .

by Pawn Stars 2 weeks ago

i swear these guys have a "buddy" for literally everything

by The Insane One 6 days ago

Client: “I have with me here the winning ticket to this year’s Powerball lottery”

Rick: “The best I can offer is this potato I have on me and even then I’m just barely breaking even”

by Kaijun Ding 23 hours ago

“This is everything a collector wants”...

Proceeds to point out a major flaw -_- I know it’s staged but come on

by YoungMerc 2 days ago


First item, 375

by Just Thomas 2 days ago

Him: "I'm not going to be able to sell something I don't understand."

Also him: Calls people up for literally everything that's brought to him.

by The lego on ur floor 2 days ago

Client: I have the car that JFK was assassinated in

Rick : Let me get a buddy that specializes in cars the JFK was assassinated in

by Roman Soldier 1 week ago

This show should be called: Let me call a buddy of mine who will low ball you, then I will offer half that.

by BRIAN 4 days ago

Wife: Honey we're out of milk
Rick: let me call my buddy....

by Sup Soul 2 days ago

I bring in a used condom, Rick: lEt mE CaLl mY BuDdY

by cough cough ahem 2 days ago

When ricks “friend” gives their offer, just expect to get half of that as his bargain

by KnockedBuffalo 3 days ago

I remember the Bazooka toy. Rick had a fake bruised blue eye and the acting was terrible.

by Karu Simonhane 2 weeks ago

Expert: “You could probably sell this for $8000000000”

Guy behind the counter: “I can probably give you 20 bucks”

by Spanky 4 days ago

Let's be honest here his laugh is just creepy at this point

by Keshini & Hiresh 2 days ago

“He lies, he cheats, he steals.”///Anyone else think of Eddie Guerrero?

by NIGGINS SHUTDOWN 2 days ago

Client: “Rick, you have a black eye?”

Rick: “Look, I know a guy who knows a lot about makeup, let’s call him...”

by Ben Whitman 3 days ago

Guy: “Its around $50,000”

Seller: “ Ill sell it for $55,000”

Pawn Star: “ How about $3?”

by Keegan Platt 5 days ago

Soooo, nobody gonna talk about how beautful the books girl is?

by Diogo Teixeira 3 days ago

Client: I have the actual cross that Jesus died on

Rick: Let me get my buddy Jesus, he knows a lot about crosses

by I Love Memes 2 days ago

Seller: hey I’ve just acquired the literal holy grail. Rick: best I can do is about $23.55 and even then I’m barely breaking even man

by 1NFERN0 G4M1NG 4 days ago

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