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Cách trồng HOÀNG THẢO KÈN| Kinh nghiệm để cây phát triển khỏe mạnh|Phong lan Hòa Bình

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Dendrobium Lituiflorum is a beautiful orchid, although it is a Dendrobium Lituiflorum of Lai Chau or a Chinese, this orchid also brings a feeling of love that is hard to describe. The purple color from light to dark (cork) and the aroma gently makes the Dendrobium Lituiflorum become arrogant.
CHARACTERISTICS: This is a thin leaf spread so it does not like direct sunlight and it is also very sensitive to medicine. It likes to hang in high, cool and windy places that will be ideal for growing trees.
PRICE: People can grow on pots or on wood, each type of substrate has its advantages and disadvantages so it requires players to pay attention (as hard as raising children). Planted on a wooden board (fresh or dry, the growth is also different), there is almost no worry of excess water, planting with pine bark is also draining quickly so it must be watered regularly. . Planted with coconut fiber for a long time, so also watered less but also very susceptible to flooding if there is no roof. Grafted into the root of the crow nest to ensure enough moisture, no excess water, but there are red spiders and bugs.
CARE: In nature, there is no need for anyone to take care of, but I grow in another environment, so I need to take care of whatever I care. First: Supplying enough water (the same kind of plants also), second: hanging enough light (not hanging in direct sunlight, if more light, the tree needs more water), third: Hanging high places cool (wind is good), Wednesday: Limit the use of chemical fertilizers if used, dilute than the concentration indicated and practice feeding from less to more, Thursday: Limit movement (to new places) must be familiar).
TEMPORARY: Dendrobium Lituiflorum is not difficult to cultivate as many people think, simply that you grow any kind, you must find out its rules and characteristics. Trying to create a natural-like environment, every tree is pure (try to imagine how it lives in nature, you will create a similar environment). wished everyone success!

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Trồng hay quá, mình cũng trông, sân thượng 4,kèn lào được 50cm, thúi lủn giữa thân, trúc phật bà cũng trồng theo cách dưới tổ quạ cũng chết, còn Duy nhất 1cay thì 0 có rể ,thất vọng quá

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Cây Tắc kè

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