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NEW Logitech G502 Hero Review!

#gaming mouse #4k #2018 #g502 mouse #Science & Technology
Logitech released a new G502 in 2018...what's the difference?.
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randomfrankp photo 1 NEW Logitech G502 Hero Review! randomfrankp photo 2 NEW Logitech G502 Hero Review! randomfrankp photo 3 NEW Logitech G502 Hero Review! randomfrankp photo 4 NEW Logitech G502 Hero Review!

and here I bought the g502 about a month ago :(
502 likes lol

by AbdulMalik 1 year ago

if you put all the weights inside you are able to iron your cloth too

by Romano Seven 8 months ago

just clicked on this video with my new g502, it's too good.

by Kempish 1 year ago

Did I hear W I R E L E S S

Never mind it’s just a dream

by Iccy 1 year ago

I’m coming from 2019

And you will be happy there will come a g502 Wireless 😂🙃👍🏻

by OG 9 months ago

say it with me..

WIRELESS - G502 - WIRELESS - G502...

by Chrisket 1 year ago

"It comes in at a 125 grams which is pretty light I think"
Trust me, it isn't..

by Matthew'sChannel 8 months ago

if they make G502 into 85 grams,it will be a master piece

by Dr ZEN 1 year ago

Bro, he's sayin 125g is light and talking more about 16k DPI rather than the precision of the sensor... Like, he didn't even mention it. He just said it's going to work on white surfaces now. Low quality review lmao

by Steejseo 1 year ago

everytime i watch one of frank's videos I always think he's gonna say "I'm randomfrankp with something you gotta see"

by Sneakky SyZn 11 months ago


by ij137 9 months ago

I feel you, my least favorite part about the mouse

by DaFishGamer 1 year ago

125g light?! Bruh you haven’t been to r/mousereview have you

by AnchorDB 1 year ago

I just bought the old logitech g502 last week...

by Hammoz 1 year ago

I have a G402 and I wont stop using it until its dead. Its honestly such a great mouse and its pretty affordable I got it for 35 bucks about a year ago

by LeMar 1 year ago

"There's a major kink going on."

- RandomFrankP, 2018

by robertson tane 3 weeks ago

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